New Faces For April 2017 Part 2

There are quite a few confident guys this week all of whom are pretty proud of at least one of their many attributes. Of course there are guys justifiably proud of their bods and the work they put into their physiques. And guys who are proud to show off their cocks, although really they had nothing to do with their size and/or shape. But there’s also another guy among the bunch whose pride is presented in a most unusual way.

Dallas at Sean Cody. This handsome guy has a lot going for him. He’s got a head-to-toe well-sculpted body and a really nice cock, soft and hard. What is known as a shower and a grower. And though SC says he’s modest about it Dallas readily says what makes it a hot cock: “It’s perfectly symmetrical, long, nice girth to it, and…I love my dick!” He says this outside in a spot outside the house not seen before on camera…or at least from this angle. This is something that comes up later too. Inside we see Dallas knows how to use his cock on camera, putting on a nice show for the audience with a big load.

For Dallas‘ second go-round Sean Cody does something different for the frst time. Indoor scenes in the studio house never show open windows let alone sunshine pouring through. Not here. The drapes are pulled Dalllas jacks off in the open window next to the balcony and even when he gets back on top of the bed the sun still shines through and you hear the noise of the outdoors, including the highway below. It works because it’s different and certainly less claustrophobic. We hope to see more.

Josiah at Corbin Fisher. Josiah definitely has the bod and CF films him working out so that we can see “the majority of his built muscles in action.” In fact well over five minutes in the beginning of the scene has Josiah working out. He admits getting the looks at the gym and is not shy about showing off. That includes his cock which is also a shower and a grower. All the compliments the cameraman gives him are just the extra incentive Josiah needs to jack off on the gym set, show off his pumped muscles, his engorged cock AND a heavy load shot over his sweaty muscles.

Will we see more of Josiah? In the future, maybe, but you might have already seen him in the past. Yes, Josiah is as new face for Corbin Fisher but two years ago he was new face Rick  at Sean Cody. Neither the first nor the last time there has been site-hopping between the two studios. Rick was a bit more shy at first but got more relaxed as time went on in his solo.  BUT he never did more at SC. Hopefully that won’t be the case at CF.

Harrison at Chaos Men. This 19 year old lean bisexual apparently loves oral with both sexes and as this relates to guys he says he loves to eat cum. So perhaps he’s more gay than straight and is basically your average young adult with a high sex drive. But there’s more as this love of cum manifests itself in other ways.  Not only does he jack off many times a day he cums all over his shirt…which he wore to the shoot! So site owner Bryan told him he could wear it for his solo…

“I knew his cum would show-up nicely on it. I try to have him put the shirt on over his head for the entire video, but after struggling with it, he just takes it completely off. He gets his big 8-inch cock hard easily and starts to show it off. For the ending, he gets the shirt back on, and he is super eager to cum on it. I definitely think he gets turned-on by shooting on it. He spills his load on to it, adding more DNA stains to his walking cum towel!I know there will be more than a few “Eww!” out there, but personally I thought it was super-hot, especially when he takes a sniff of his jizz soaked shirt!”

Joey Russo at Gay Hoopla. Described as “our tough east coast body guard” Joey has the accent and “and even thicker booty.” He also seems pretty gym-minded. GH says, “Although he didn’t smile often, it was one of my favorite parts about him. Joey Russo had a pretty thick Irish cock” He told me he’s never had an complaints in the bedroom because of it.” Of course if he doesn’t use it here there may indeed be complaints. Stay tuned…

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