Cocky Boys: Manuel Skye, River Wilson & Matthew Parker!

Cocky Boys has a very hot and pleasant surprise this week: another three-way, this time with a super-sexy all-Canadian cast…including two newcomers making their sites debuts. They’re Matthew Parker, back at Cocky Boys after more than a year away, relative newcomer River Wilson, and Manuel Skye who is getting lots of buzz these days. In fact this new scene will add to this least it should. All three of the guys put in a major effort in showmanship and performing skills here, BUT it’s Manuel who makes the biggest impression, especially at the end. 

The three guys start on the couch with Manuel Skye in the middle flanked by River Wilson and Matthew Parker, and they’re all just so sweet and polite you’d never think they’d get all sexually wild…but they sure do. After each guy gets a chance to talk about themselves sexually they get right into it. From the start by the way they kiss and interact you can pretty see how the scene is going to go.  They all seem to be equal partners in this sexual enterprise and in general that turns out to be true.

Manuel Skye gets the benefit of several sexy reveals here. As he kisses the guys on either side of him they undress him showing us the rock-hard silky smooth muscle bod underneath. Washboard abs, chiseled, chest, big get the picture. But the guys take a little extra time before revealing more. River Wilson and Matthew Parker also kiss each other passionately while Manuel gets busy sucking River’s cock…the first one shown in the scene. But then River and Matthew get Manuel down to his tighty-whities and pull out his big, thick hard cock. It’s definitely a BIG reveal. Its no wonder then that River and Matthew eagerly take turns on it.

Soon enough Matthew Parker gets his cock out for Manuel Skye to suck–while River Wilson sucks Manuel. Eventually Matthew and River meet up, with smiles on their faces, and Manuel’s cock. And as we mentioned these guys are equal partners, totally engaged with one one left out. (That said Manuel stands out as the most verbal and vocal of the trio..and stands out more later). The progression of sex here takes several turns, nothing too much out of the norm, but there’s quite a bit of activity. While River rims Matthew, Matthew sucks and kiss Manuel. And in two smooth transitions River gets sucked off by his two scene partners before sliding down to his knees and sucking Manuel and Matthew.

After all the “preliminaries” it’s time for fucking and the guys make good use of the sofa which sits near a window and later provides a time frame for all this activity. First Matthew is spit-roasted, sucking off River while Manuel fucks him hard. And what a great top Manuel makes. He shifts positions until he and Matthew hit their groove and he plants kisses on his back as he fucks him. And Matthew remains equally focused  on getting topped while sucking River. By the way, although River isn’t an vocal as Manuel he is very expressive facially.

The next position shift has Matthew on his back on the sofa while River sucks him in a 69. At the same time Manuel gets behind River and fucks him. It’s a very well-directed, or choreographed sequence, that really works for the camera. And then there’s yet another good use of the sofa with its wide arms and back cushion. They get into a kind of uphill fuck chain with Manuel in the back, Matthew in the middle and River on the bottom. It’s hard to say who loves this more out of the three guys.

In the last-go-round of fucking Matthew Parker rides on Manuel’s cock while Manuel sucks off River Wilson to his side. And they’re still connected to each other because Matthew turns his head to watch as Manuel sucks River. And then there’s the “WOW” finale. First, in case you don’t notice it, it’s getting dark outside which should tell you they’ve been sucking and fucking a LONG time. Gotta admire that stamina. Then, Matthew and River jack off their cocks and cum over Manuel’s torso. It’s hot BUT Manuel Skye follows up by grunting loud and proud and, with every muscle flexed, shoots a MASSIVE load that skyrockets over his torso, lands on the arms of his co-stars, ad just seems to keep going. One of the biggest we’ve seen in recent memory.

The guys share more kissing at the end that seems as self-congratulatory (deservedly so ) as it is affectionate. WOW is right.

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