Titan Men’s TaXXX Finale

Titan Men wraps up its timely income tax-related anthology TaXXX this week with another very hot match-up: studio exclusive and fast-rising star Liam Knox and super-hot ginger stud Bennett Anthony. In this semi-humorous scene pitting a tax agent against a potential tax cheat the stars both display their talents as actors and porn performers with some lively chemistry as a result. It’s not a game-changing scene but it does reinforce the star power of the guys and the quality of product under director Jasun Mark (who has a cameo here by the way).

In the scene well-dressed Liam Knox shows up at the door of Bennett Anthony for an appointment..just as someone else is scurrying out. Inside the house Liam, with a well-executed raised eyebrow, sees all the signs of some sexual activity and escorting. The problem for Bennett is that he thinks Liam is his next client but is told he’s a tax agent visiting Bennett to find out if he’s using his place as a massage therapist as he claims. Liam says to the nervous Bennett “Looks like you do a little more than massage here.” And as he runs his crotch asking about “happy endings” no words are exchanged, but the implication to Bennett is clear: he’d better suck off the tax agent if he has a chance of not getting prosecuted.

Bennett Anthony goes down on Liam Knox and sucks him hungrily and Liam clearly likes the job he’s doing. As we’ve noted before it’s hot watching Liam in action because his hairy muscled body really looks good in motion and he makes lots of sexy sounds with his deep voice. And Bennett helps things with his own animated and vocal style. Soon they’re both naked and Liam gets on HIS knees to give the redhead some good cock-sucking. In terms of their energy levels they’re quite compatible.

Liam Knox also works up a sweat when he’s in action and that’s no different here as he rims and then fucks Bennett Anthony doggy style. You can see why he sweats too because he’s a high energy performer who gives it his all. Again this is why he’s well-matched to Bennett Anthony who is very expressive vocally and visually as a bottom. If a top wants to know if he’s making an impact Bennett’s your man: a bottom who revs up his hard-driving top to do it more and harder.


So as you might guess Bennett is not a quiet bottom nor a passive one. In bed he soon rides Liam’s cock with authority and Liam thrusts back, the two working together. In a seamless flip Liam Knox has Bennett Anthony on his back fucking him with the same powerful energy you almost wonder how these guys manage to have so much stamina. But they do, getting louder and sweatier until Liam fucks the cum out of Bennett before following with a juicy cumshot of his own seconds later.

At the end a spent Liam Knox departs BUT  tells Bennett Anthony he’ll have to return for several more auditing visits. That’s fine with Bennett!

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