In April 2017 Part 2

There are a few more new faces, some hot returning stars, hot pairings, continuing mini-series, a couple stand-alone scenes and more during the second half of April 2017 at MEN.comAnd as with the first half of the month there’s a variety of scenes and performers, at least of whom has already hit it big in porn.

Coming up in the second part of Broken Hearted in which Jason Wolfe tries getting over his ex by hooking up with guys who remind him of the unknown heart-breaker. Don’t feel too sorry for Jason though because he’s using his heartbreak, and good taste in men, to his advantage. In the recently released part one (his debut) he had fun with Matthew Parker who also had made his debut with fellow Canadian River Wilson. In part 2 Jason makes a “booty call” and has his way with cutie Stig Anderson (yes in his debut too)

Coming up a week later in the finale (?) of Broken Hearted in which Jason Wolfe meets Skyy Knox who apparently is also going through some heartbreak. Jason barely has to put in much effort to get Skyy in bed because the gorgeous Canadian also has “getting over his ex with sex” motivation. Very hot scene! As many of you know by know Skyy Knox fimed some hot scenes after his first appearances (Cocky Boys for example). Abd now he’s a Falcon exclusive.  Speaking of Cocky Boys Skyy, Matthew Parker, River Wilson, and Manuel Skye all have hot scenes there. Must-see as a matter of fact.

In the last episode of the For A Good Time Call anthology, there’s another twist on the premise of guys hooking up using phone numbers scrawled on the walls of bathroom stalls. Aspen calls the number and goes over to a guys house for what he thinks is a quickie. However Jake Ashford is also looking for love and has cooked a dinner for Aspen! So Aspen gets a fuck, a romantic meal, and possibly something more?

One-shot Am I Being Stalked?  looks pretty wacky. Trevor Long is lying in bed jacking on to his mobile porn while unbelievably his neighbor Paul Canon has sneaked into his apartment and hides behind a potted plant at the foot of his bed peeping on him..and recording him on his own phone for his later self-pleasure. Caught in the act (d’uh) Paul is scared he’l be turned in. Instead Trevor makes him suck his cock and bottom for him. That’s punishment?

Next week, the adventures of Diego Sans living a sexually free and active, exclusively gay co-op in NYC continues in  Marc MacNamara’s  Please Disturb. As we saw a few days ago, Diego went through an offbeat screening process to get into this wild apartmet building but after a month got into the swing of things  in a hot scene with Jeremy Spreadums.  In the “open door” policy Jeremy walked in on Diego’s shower which led to lots of sucking and fucking. And if you think about it, this scene was a Randy Blue-Sean Cody crossover.

In part 2 there’s a very kinky twist when Diego Sans meets new neighbor, fellow Randy Blue alum and first timer Cooper Dang. Diego walks in on Cooper as the naked man lies waiting for him in a sling! Although he’s initially shocked Diego gets into the spirit of this hot encounter and the sling actually helps him successfully achieve some of the acrobatic sex positions he’s known for.

Diego likens the apartment building to a high-rise Melrose Place in part 3 of Please Disturb when he overhears (and apparently jacks off to) a new neighbor getting his “welcome wagon”.  It’s Justin Matthews who gets greeted by Cooper Dang who’s in a less kinky mood this time. That said there’s still hot passion and some hot sex positions.

In the just-released series Hat Trick hot man Paddy O’Brian loves sex so much that he has three lovers to satisfy his libido: Andy Star, Ely Chaim, and Lucas Fox, all of whom are first timers. Paddy also refers tho them as three big problems …of his own making. That’s because Paddy’s time with these sexy men keeps overlapping. In part 1 he’s having hot sex with Andy Star while Lucas Fox tries to get a hold of him and as Ely Chaim and Paddy exchange sexy texts–including pics Paddy is sending him of his fucking Andy. Afterwards Paddy sends Ely pics of Andy asleep on the sofa …just as Lucas shows up at Paddy’s door and Paddy has top cover Andy with a blanket!

In part 2 Paddy really has his hands full. He takes Lucas Fox up to the loft where they suck and fuck…as Andy Star naps. But can they fuck quietly or does Andy wake up? At the same time Paddy O’Brian carries on a sexting exchange with Ely Chaim …which again includes sex pics of Lucas getting fucked!

In part 3 Ely Chaim arrives and with all three lovers in the same room at once Paddy O’Brian has to explain what’s going on. There’s no need because when his back is turned Ely, Andy Star and Lucas Fox all start kissing and getting it on and soon a hot fourgy develops. All that stress of trying to juggle three lovers and the solution as right in front of his face!

In a less complex series Addicted To Ass the video diary type series continues following Ashton McKay as he hooks up with hot guys to fuck. As we mentioned last time in part 1 (due out this weekend) Ashton has his way with Paul Canon. Next week we meet up with Ashton after he’s already had a hot night with site newbie Zayne Hardy. And Ashton asks his audience (breaking the 4th wall again) to stick around for another go-round.

In part 3 of Addicted To Ass Ashton sets his sights on Colby Keller, who has just finished working out.  The self-confident and relatively brazem Ashton compliments Colby who takes the bait and goes home with him. An Ashton McKay -Colby Keller match-up doesn’t really sound like it would work but it sure looks like it does!

As we told you last time this weekend sees the launch of Marc MacNamara’s series Prohibition set in a roaring twenties era where overpopulation has resulted in straight sex curtailment.  So at a NYC underground Prohibition Sexhibition club owned by tough guy Roman Todd men turn to other men to get off.  After getting “broken in” by Roman in part 1 Jacob Peterson gives married man Griffin Barrows “the training he needs to get off low-key, working both the pole and the hole. Griffin is truly learning from the best in the biz.” What happens when two bottoms are paired up? It’s Griffin who does the topping!

In Prohibition part 3 the freshly trained and ambitious Griffin Barrows meets big boss Roman Todd and perseveres, subtly seducing the seemingly tough guy. He gives Mr Todd what he wants eager cocksucking and a tight ass to fuck.

The only new series starting during this period is Fallen Angel which pursues the subject of love and sex in the hereafter. Set in a pristine white heaven Diego Reyes is an angel who yearns to go back to Earth and experience love again.  In part 1 fellow angel Jay Roberts shows Diego that
it can be better in heaven. And so they suck and fuck on a cloud with Jay topping Diego. Does it work? Stay tuned…

In the Gods of Men stand-alone scene “Steam”, lovers Beau Reed and Manuel Skye flirt with little back-and-forth old-school  “sexting” by writing dirty notes in the steam-up mirror in their bathroom. The result is that each of the guys gets what they want with some hot fucking in the shower and bathroom.  It looks very hot.

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