Cocky Boys: Calvin & Skyy!

The newest Cocky Boys scene with Skyy Knox and Calvin Banks isn’t what we expected at all! When the studio first released a preview pic of this sexy duo in a bathtub the indication was that we were in for a sensual, romantic type scene. And while there is some of that this turns out to be a high-energy sexfest with both Skyy and Calvin letting loose completely. And as the scene goes on we like that this scene didn’t proceed as we thought…and we’re seeing both of these guys in a whole new light.

In this scene Skyy Knox is home in his bathtub, totally horned up and moving about like jacking off won’t be enough…he appears his hole needs filling immediately. By the way, simply watching his perfect ripped muscle body gyrate will get you in the same mood too. Taking a selfie of his ass Skyy sends a message to entice Calvin Banks, his boyfriend for this outing, buy at work. Of course if your boyfriend was Skyy Knox you’d come home quickly too…and if you’re boyfriend was Calvin you’d send a selfie to get him home too.  It helps the story that when Calvin comes home and strips down to tightie whities the interaction between the two really has us believing they have a history. Skyy’s eyes light up and he’s all smiles.

Calvin Banks steps right up to the edge of the tub and after some deep-kissing Skyy Knox has taken his long hard cock out and sucks his like there’s no tomorrow. His cock disappears down Skyy’s throat and his big balls swing about as he’s sucked with such rapid determination. Skyy really wants to give him pleasure! When Calvin reaches over to play with Skyy’s ass they’re both turned on we’d believe it if they shot their loads then and there. They do slow down though when Calvin gets in the tub with Skyy. Here’s where the sensuality of scene comes into play as they kiss and hug so romantically. It’s almost like they decided to go for the foreplay in reverse order.

As we saw in his first scene at Cocky Boys Skyy Knox is a very sexual being, as though every inch on his body was a g-spot. Calvin Banks sure seems to enjoy making him even more excited and vocal. As Skyy stands in the tub Calvin goes down on him, sucking him off with wild enthusiasm and probing his hole finger same time. This time it looks like Calvin is the one bringing his scene partner to the edge. They really seem like they’re bound and determined to make the other guy cum ..or at least test their edging stamina. At one point it looks like Skyy actually lets go as though he’s cumming..but he doesn’t.

As the scene goes on you’ll definitely see Calvin Banks as more than a sweet-faced, laid-back type. Apropos of his scene partner Calvin steps it up. Outside of the tun Calvin rims and finger fucks Skyy Knox again and this time stars fucking him from behind.  At first they move in a slower sensual pace but soon Calvin is fucking him harder and faster. It looks like both guys are ready to explode, BUT they reel it back in with Calvin sitting on the nearby chair (possibly out of sheer exhaustion) and Skyy sucking his cock. The dynamic here is fascinating to watch as it appears Skyy is in charge but Calvin speaks to him like HE is controlling matters. And yet Calvin is so much in the throes of sexual pleasure that he can barely utter the sentence (in reference to Skyy’s cocksucking, “I don’t know which is better, that…or your asshole.” We figure Skyy knows the answer.

Since the entire scene started off with Skyy Knox looking like he could fuck himself on the bathtub faucet you’d assume correctly he’s a very aggressive bottom. He offers up his ass to Calvin Banks to get his hole worked some more before sitting on it for a wild ride..with Skyy expressing quite a bit in his face and body. At one point they adjourn to the bedroom where Calvin lies on his back and Skyy straddles him to play with his body and kiss him passionately. This is another instance where it feels like these two have a history. Skyy rides Calvin again, taking it easier …at least at first.

In the last go-round the guys pick up the energy yet again with Skyy Knoxx riding his hard, eyes rolling in his head appearing to have lost control  while maintaining it. But Calvin Banks gets takes the reins and gets  Skyy on his back, finding his groove quickly and fucking him faster and faster until he gets him to shoot. Calvin gives him a facial at the end along with another kiss. Cocky Boys‘ advice to couples whose libidos are in sync: this is how you welcome home your lover.

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