Gay Room Celebrates Easter!

This year Gay Room added Easter to its roster of another holiday-related videos with “SomeBunny Loves You” featuring Casey Everett and Lex Ryan. It has sexy cuteness going for it with Casey wearing bunny ears and a cottontail and using a little plastic carrot in suggestive ways as he dances for the camera. As it turns out the dance is for Lex Ryan wearing a leather harness, leather boots and a black boxer briefs and the scene turns out to be a bit kinkier than expect. Not at all what we expected from Gay Room!

As we mentioned the scene begins with cute/hot Casey Everett doing an erotic dance with his outfit and carrot and then cozies up to bearded Lex Ryan who sits there as acting like Casey’s sir. Casey traces the plastic carrot over Lex’s bulging crotch up to his nose but soon Lex has the carrot and he’s fucking Casey with it and rimming him. As the scene goes on Casey sucks off Lex’s thick cock and then gets fucked by him. And all the while those rabbit ears remain in place. So the title of the video could be titled  “The Leatherman And The Bunny”. A hot match-up regardless of the oddness of this leather-Easter juxtaposition. Casey is just adorable AND hot while Lex is one sexy leatherman.


By the way although we missed telling you about it when it came out Gay Room celebrated Spring Break again, this time with a Shower Bait scene featuring newcomer Carson Cruise and star Topher Dimaggio! In “Spring Break-ing” it’s one of those “morning after ” where Topher gets out of bed while Carson, still wearing sunglasses, is next to him dead to the world.  Of course Carson wakes up and watches Topher shower before they get it on in the shower, sucking and fucking, before taking it back to bed. Did these two horny spring breakers even know each other before this seemingly wild weekend? Who knows!

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