Springtime At Sean Cody Part 1

When we last posted about Sean Cody the venerable site had posted its “Spring Break” scene, a very hot three-way with real-life couple Deacon & Asher and super-sexy Brysen.  Since then the site has had several peaks and valleys, which really could describe Sean Cody during most of 2017, so far. Some of the problems the site has had this year with technical difficulties, some not so well-matched models, and more have been pointed out on several blogs, ardent fans & supporters, and the like. Sean Cody has addressed the issues although there are videos coming out and likely some in the queue with the issues. Still, some recent releases, including a few solos, give us some hope for a resurgence. So, today we have a two-part post catching you up on Sean Cody (besides the solos debuts we HAVE covered) and revising the Top Model list.

Landon & Jayden.  A potentially good match-up since these two long-timers are both fun and energetic in their scenes  Plus we genuinely like them..or at least the onscreen guy personalities they convey. However the scene doesn’t really work…not for lack of trying from these two. This looks to be combination of technical flaws and some of the direction. As Gay Daily Hot pointed out in their review of the scene, ultimately this was a crew problem, not the guys who seemed to have little direction.

Frankie & Sean. Certainly an improvement in direction and performances and it sounds like the longtime director/host/producer is around to make things happen. Frankie is one of the fairly new performers whose energy seems boundless and he seems to light a fire under Sean who needs that extra push. A the site pointed out accurately, “They meshed really well, seeing as they brought each other’s wild sides out for a spin.” The issue here was technical. The disclaimer at the beginning of the video explains the lighting and color mismatching but it doesn’t account for the camerawork. Again, the models themselves are good..which can’t be overstated enough.

Emmett & Shaw. Newcomer Emmett’s first time with Shaw as the experienced bottom and a lot fewer technical flaws. Although the two hung out and went out for dinner the night before their shoot there’s still a believable, semi-awkward “first date” vibe to the pairing in the beginning. We like that Emmett gives us the vicarious pleasure of playing with Shaw’s muscles but they’re much better together in the throes of sex. Emmett really concentrates and the result is that he fucks a big load out of Shaw and produces one of his own.

Daniel & Cole.  A debatable match-up combined with technical flaws and you’ve got this one. We won’t get into the merits of either one of these guys because they each have their good qualities. Cole always looks happy to be at SC and that’s always good. And it’s not like he can’t handle Daniel’s rough ‘n’ tumble style. We just wish that Daniel would rein it in just a little. He doesn’t have to try so hard …a little more subtlety goes a long way.

Jakob & Joey.  We like Joey in many ways so we’re a littler biased when it comes to his scenes. That helps when a video has current technical flaws because we try and overlook them when Joey is present. So it goes with this scene. Here semi-goofy Joey is paired with relatively quiet and straight-faced newbie Jakob. At first it seems it’s a bit of a mismatch but There are good signs in the beginning. Jakob, who has a hot bod, appreciates Joey’s muscle body. And though Jakob tries to act cool he gets revved up by being with muscle bottom Joey. A winner of a scene in spite of the visual flaws. Scenes like this are why Joey has risen high on the top model list.

Nixon & Randy. Referring back to what we said at the beginning this scene has some high peaks and low valleys. These two guys aren’t badly mismatched physically but their differences in experience stand out here. Nixon hasn’t quite opened up yet while Randy seems totally at ease with himself. As such he can pretty much get things going with a scene and make the best of things when there’s what GDH called “unimaginative direction”. Nixon needs more guidance. Still, he looks good in action, He may need a little manhandling and.or someone to manhandle. Again we can overlook these things but the technical flaws make it harder to do.

Dean & Lane. Lane has become such a wild power bottom who not only can take whatever he gets he seems to want it even harder. Topping Lane could be a challenge for Dean but he has stepped it up on several occasions before and does it here too. Technical flaws aside, of which there seem to be more than usual, this is better than we expected.

Mario & Sean. In this first scene of April we were somewhat surprised to see Mario back after his fairly non-committal solo but here he is taking on Sean…that’s really a big leap forward. He and Sean seem to have fun in the introduction playing basketball, but Mario is pretty serious in the scene. Sean and Mario kiss but he doesn’t suck or rim. He certainly can fuck and gets better as the scene goes on going from standard fucking. He changes from a worker bee especially at the end when he’s almost light-headed from the experience.

Coming up, we take a further look at April, so far, and the many changes to the Top Model List.

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