Springtime At Sean Cody Part 2

In our second look at Sean Cody during this, we cover the April videos released so far. As we mentioned last time there are some hopeful signs among this month’s videos that the studio may be straightening out their technical issues (in production AND post-production) and crew problems that have caused so much angst among the site’s members, fans, and critics. At this point we can’t be definitive about these promising signs because scenes are not released chronologically. Time will tell.  Also, in this  post we’re revising our ongoing Sean Cody top model list…with many changes.

Blake & Manny. A surprisingly good scene considering it features two guys who have primarily been really good bottoms at Sean Cody. Blake had topped and done a decent job so this pairing had this in its favor. Plus these guys are among the friendliest models. AND, as it turned out Blake had requested Manny because he had a little crush on him. And in this scene there’s LOTS of chemistry. Yes, Blake identified as straight when he first started (and still does in this video) but it’s safe to say that’s changed a bit over the years. And who knows where it stands now (Given the setting it appears this scene was shot a while ago).

There’s plenty of uninhibited action here to satisfy even the more jaded of porn viewers. Blake and Manny kiss a lot and there’s plenty of sucking, rimming, and fucking. And though these two are very jovial in the intro, they don’t joke around in their scene. In the first round Manny can’t get enough of Blake’s cock (which he sucks in between fucking ) Blake is focused on Manny’s butt, rimming and fucking him from behind and on top of the coffee table. For round two (in the bedroom), Blake sucks off Manny then they fuck on the bed. Manny gets topped on his back, and he rides Blake’s cock until they both cum. At the end there are two very satisfied guys and it feels like they’ve both been wanting each other for a long time.

Brysen & Porter. Of the newer models Brysen has been one of the best, totally into his scenes with unbridled enthusiasm. Hot body, nice cock, handsome face and great smile, he’s also very complimentary about his co-stars.  Here he has a special interest in Porter because he reminds Brysen of someone he used to mess around with.  Porter can run hot or cold depending on his co-star but he certainly seems happy to be with Brysen…and get fucked by him.

Interestingly there’s NO foreplay for the first part of their scene. At lest none that made the final cut. Brysen goes right to fucking Porter as though he really was the guy he used to fool around with. It’s no-holds barred fucking for Brysen who treats him like a sex toy in the over-sized chair. He force-feeds his cock and nails him on his stomach on the floor, then on his back with his hands on Porter’s throat. In the round two bedroom scene Brysen is just as relentless in fucking Porter and lest you think Porter remain a pin cushion for Brysen’s cock he at one point rides Brysen. At the end, a sweat Brysen face fucks Porter and gives him a facial. Wildly hot.

Joey & Shaw. This was a disappointment, especially coming as it did after the previous two scenes. We like both Shaw and Joey because they’re good looking, they’ve got hot bods, and a generally nice guys. And it seems they get along which as we’ve seen is SO important. But they’re both better as bottoms. So putting them in a flip-fuck scene was a risky proposition at best. They put in the effort and several times during the scene they look good in action. But overall it’s a letdown.

Robbie & Joe.  If this scene is part of a trend for Sean Cody then thumbs up! Robbie is back topping and is so excited to be with Joe that he almost seems like he doesn’t even want to bother with the interview by the pool. By the way the pool setting may be an important sign for SC (see below). There’s genuine affection between the two that carries over into the bedroom (new set or freshly decorated?) as they kiss and Joe goes down on Robbie. Robbie fucks him against the new mirror then in bed on his back. Following their juicy loads, which get eaten they share a cummy kiss and head to the shower.

The shower serves as the segue between round one & two and here Robbie & Joe swap blowjobs. Back in the bedroom there’s more fucking wuth Robbie taking Joe from behind, on his back and letting the hot bottom ride his cock. Again their compatibility is obvious as in the chemistry. Joe and Robbie both cum while Joe is riding him. And at  the end it just feels like they don’t want to let go.

As we’ve mentioned before it’s no secret that Sean Cody like other sites doesn’t release scenes in the order in which they’re shot. So when there are technical issues or inconsistent direction or videography in one scene and it’s better in later scene, and vice versa it’s hard to tell where the trendline is going. We try and guess when a scene is produced by the set and/or the house where its shot or by the voice behind the camera. It’s not a foolproof system we may know more soon. As we mentioned the new Robbie/Joe scene looks like it was filmed at a new set and/or a new house. If so, that means the director who hasn’t been in any of the “sandy room/big staircase”videos may be back. A couple of recent solos were shot in a seemingly new bedroom with a window. Or it could these much older since in one of the pics we can see the infinity pool ..which hasn’t been around for a LONG time. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

So, as we said at the top the Sean Cody Top Model List has a few changes in the order of performers. Shaw now joins the list  with 15 scenes so we’ve also made this the base number. With more models on this list than ever before this seemed to make sense. So, although they are among the greats in SC history we say goodbye to Pierce (Ryan Rose), Ryan (Colt Rivers), Ollie (now performing elsewhere), Mitch, and Patrick. Patrick will ALWAYS be a favorite, illustrating that quality often surpasses quantity.

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (37)
4. Brodie (35)
5. Blake (34)
6. Jess (32)
6. Randy (32)
8. Joey (31)
8. Jarek (29)
10. Sean (26)
10. Porter (26)
10. Jamie (26)
13. Dean (25)
14. Calvin (24)
15. Landon (23)
15. Lane (23)
15. Dennis (23)
18. Jordan (22)
18. Jayden (22)
20. Daniel (21)
20. David (21)
20. Pavel (21)
20. Harley (21)
24. Liev (20)
24. Pete (20)
24. Jake (20)
27. Kurt (19)
28. Jack (18)
29. Ethan (15)
29. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
32. Manny (15)
32. Shaw (15)





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