Falcon’s Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 Update #2

Falcon Studios has once again updated www.EarthboundXXX.com, the dedicated website for Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2!  There’s a new teaser trailer for the upcoming blockbuster that introduces three new characters and the site has added images of the performers who are playing them. In addition the movie is available for pre-order at www.EarthboundXXX.com (it’s scheduled for release on May 5.

The new teaser trailer (the 2nd so far along in addition to the movie teaser) introduces the Lord, Snitch and Alleycat played by (respectively) Andrew StarkTrelino, and Armond Rizzo.  Like the previous trailers they really are teasers and spoiler free while giving you a glimpse of the characters. Impressions? Andrew Stark is sexy in a menacing sort of way and as we’ve said before it’s great to see him in front of the cameras again.  Armond Rizzo stands out the most here with his creepy, maniacal laugh. This brings the total number of characters so far up to 11.

To recap the upcoming site updates, this Friday April 21 the 3rd teaser will be released featuring Rogue (Skyy Knox), Lucky (Brent Corrigan), Henchman (JJ Knight) & Biker (Blake Riley).  The new galleries spotlight Skyy Knox and give you your first full look at returning star Blake Riley. The following Wednesday April 26 the full movie teaser will be released with a cameo by Brad Patton who will also be the subject of new pics.AND, on Monday May 1 the full movie trailer will be released. We expect the so-called “action pics”  to arrive in Friday May 5 with the movie release. Stay tuned…

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