Naked Sword’s The Layover Part 2

Jason Vario and Michael Roman bring on the beef in their Naked Sword debuts this week in the second episode of the new series The Layover. And Naked Sword promises it’s a sizzler! Studly tattooed Michael Roman is a horny flight attendant looking to make the most out of his Las Vegas layover and in the parking lot runs into Jason Vario …who has the same inclination. However as the trailer suggests there’s more to this meeting than just coincidence.  

Jason Vario is the narrator here talking about his interest in “flyboys”, meaning flight attendants (and we assume pilots as well). He travels a lot so he’s had ample opportunity to pursue his slight fetish. Here’s where Michael Roman comes in and for him a layover in Vegas always makes him horny. According to the description “As luck would have it he spots muscular hunk Jason Vario in parking lot and the sexual tension is hotter than the 90 degree heat.” Coincidence, or was Jason keeping an eye out for someone like Michael and making their meeting happen?

The rest of the scene takes place at a Vegas hotel where they get naked quickly before “Michael is worshiping Jason’s giant cock. Jason throws him on the bed and fucks him hard until Michael shoots streams of hot cum all over his furry abs and chest. Jason pulls out and jerks his rod off like a beast, filling Michael’s hungry mouth with his creamy white load. Jackpot!”

If you’ve seen Jason Vario in action (mostly at Titan Men) you know that he creates a very strong presence. Imposing if you will. His size, both in his muscular physique and his cock are determining factors, along with a deep voice and serious look, and he uses that to his advantage. This is also a bit of facade as he’s also a something of a gentle giant…until the sex gets going that is. As e shows here. As for Michael Roman he’s versatile and seems to top and bottom with equal ease. Here when he bottoms for Jason, he’s VERY vocal.

Next week Naked Sword shifts to LA where Mickey Taylor and Colton Grey enjoy a “layover” encounter.

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