Cocky Boys: Tegan & Justin!

One of the things that Cocky Boys does so well is presenting models, no matter how sexy they are, as relatable as possible. Two such examples are Tegan Zayne and Justin Brody who are paired in a sweet but very hot  scene that shows what a first date with these might be like. They share a few things in common, mostly related to their soft-spoken personalities. And maybe because they’re both on the introverted side they can open up with each other more easily. The result is some very special, almost romantic chemistry that carries through the entire scene.

On their “date” Tegan Zayne and Justin Brody spend some time together, walking in the snow, chatting, an seemingly enjoying their time together. We aren’t privvy to their conversation but we can assume from the montage and the snippets of observations in the introductions that they made the often-elusive connection. Plus at the beginning when Justin and Tegan it just feels genuine. After some of this affection Tegan  takes on the hard and ready big cock of Justin. Even Tegan’s cocksucking has a tinge of romanticism. Justin responds by fingering Tegan’s ass. It’s not romantic but there’s a something sensual tactile about the way he does it and Tegan’s reaction.

They take things from the couch to the bedroom where things just naturally are more romantic. Here Justin Brody rims Tegan Zayne…and that’s putting it mildly. Tegan offers up his ass and Justin eats him out, he licks, takes a few gentle bites, and kisses virtually every inch of his ass and can’t seem to stop. When have you ever seen a rim job travel down someone’s leg? This is all down in preparation for Justin nailing Tegan’s ass and making him moan and cry our in sexual ecstasy. No lie, Tegan is very vocal and verbal here especially compared to Justin.

We don’t know what the position is called where Justin fucks Tegan in a piledriver type of doggy style but it’s wildly hot to see here. Even when Tegan rides Justin’s cock it’s not in a regular cowboy fashion. He really works his ass on Justin’s cock before Justin transitions to fucking Tegan on his back. By the way if there are any lovers of foot play there’s some of that too that the guys provide. Justin gets a little rough and forceful with Tegan but it seems like that is perfectly okay with the bearded stud.

At the end Justin fucks the cum out of Tegan and give him a “near-facial” (his load mostly winds up on Tegan’s hairy chest. But don’t worry because Tegan cleans off Justin’s large cock and they share another kiss.  Undeniable chemistry in a scene that really feels like a first date..something with which we can all identify.

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