Titan Men’s Pool Service Begins…

Summer fun gets an early start this week at Titan Men as the studio begins releasing scenes from the new movie Pool Service!  The full-length four-scene feature revolves around the Redman Pool Service, so named because of and its partners, ginger studs Bennett Anthony and Jack Vidra in his first Titan Men appearance. Betweeb the two of the they appear in all four scenes with a cast that includes exclusives Matthew Bosch and Liam Knox, and faves Adam Ramzi and Jason Vario. And, as director Jasun Mark often does there’s a peripheral tie-in to some other recent features. extracurricular activities.

The first scene with Matthew Bosch and Jack Vidra wastes little time putting these two together. In fact Jasun Mark sets the movie in motion with creative efficiency. He’s one of the few directors who uses a drone camera for just such a purpose and he’s gone way beyond the novelty factor. Here in one seamless sweeping establishing sequence we see Jack Vidra (looking very hot in his undershirt) working on the pool and Matthew Bosch arrive home to check on the progress of the pool repair. When they meet the poolman Jack gives him the prognosis with a vividly sexual bent: “You’ve got a really big pipe. It’s too big for the hole.” His wicked smile is met with an equally sexy smile and reply: “I’m pretty sure you can make that work.”

And just like that Jack Vidra reaches over to grab to prominent bulge in Matthew’s short shorts (really, only Matthew Bosch can get away with these khakis), get on his knees start sucking on the veiny, thick cock.  With his hot body and handsome face Jack already made a great first impression, but when he swallows Matthew’s cock whole, he quickly establishes his porn credentials. He sucks him right down to the root with NO gag reflex and he keeps going, making hungry sounds as he does.  He also scores on the “walking and chewing gum at the same time” scale by pulling out his cock and jacking it without missing a beat in sucking Matthew.

 Jack Vidra‘s cred is further boosted when, after he comes up for air and a kiss, Matthew Bosh goes down on him and our assumptions about the super-sexy body under Jack’s clothes turn out to be MORE than true. The handsome, bearded redhead is also vocal getting blown but apparently, the pool man prefers to suck because he’s soon back down on Matthew, again sucking with a bottomless throat. However Matthew suggests they move over to an outdoor bed (how convenient!) where Jack rims him with the same vocal gusto as his cocksucking.

What follows are some smooth transitions. From rimming Matthew, Jack fucks him doggy style and again there’s some finesse on display. This is followed by effortlessly turning Matthew on his back so that Jack can ride his monster cock. By now it should come as no surprise that Jack Vidra is a vocal and verbal bottom riding Matthew Bosch deep. Jack gets even louder in his grunts, moans, and words when Matthew flips him on his back.

At one point it looks like Jack might cum hands free but instead he goes back to riding Matthew’s cock and cumming over his furry abs.  Jack Vidra’s strong showing is by no means as he buries his face under Matthew’s balls as he lies back and jacks off a load. AND Jack licks up the cum for good measure and gives Matthew a big kiss. The scene also has an epilogue and segue into the next scene establishing that isn’t just a series of unrelated scenes.

In the weeks ahead Bennett Anthony (as instructed here by Jack Vidra) shows up to finish the job and “gets distracted” by Jason Vario who is sunbathing at the time . On another house call Jack Vidra gets in on with Liam Knox. And in the finale Bennett Anthony works with Adam Ramzi as the landscape architect character seen in Demolition and Blueprint. Stay tuned.

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