New Faces For April 2017 Part 3

At first glance there’s nothing out of the ordinary regarding the trio of new faces this week. As usual there’s no guarantee about their futures at their respective sites..although with one guy we REALLY want to see more. But there are also other questions, one in particular that we don’t always ask.

Conrad at Sean Cody. This handsome, guy-next-door type seems like a classic type for this site looks-wise. Nice body. Hot cock. He’s non- committal about the gender of his sexual experiences which leads us to think he’s straight. That said he does mention he likes to eat ass and thinks about ” the person sucking my dick while I eat their ass.” He realized this interest after trying it and apparently likes to try many things. It may not happen at Sean Cody because he’s REALLY non-committal about that.

Our other question is when was this filmed? Conrad and Dallas from last week look like they were shot in a newly decorated OR a new room with a visible window. BUT the infinity pool from the old house (from the last two years before) could be seen in pics last week. So what does it mean. The wildflowers in bloom suggest this time of year in California. Or several years ago. If Conrad returns, or Dallas, we’ll see.

Dave at Corbin FisherThis guy’s back story alone makes him worth checking out.  Dave is a sexy, friendly dirt biker. As CF discovers he’s “witty, open, funny, sexy – and confidently naked the whole time!” He’s also a classic pianist! Now,of course Dave has other more porn-worthy traits. A lean hard body and a big dick for one should be enough to satisfy new viewers.. AND….


“Jerking off regularly since the third grade, Dave knows some tricks. He shoots his load, immediately scoops up his cum, and uses it to further lube his dick!” This guys is a natural so we hope Corbin Fisher has him back soon.

Matthieu at Chaos Men.  As site owner Bryan states, this is “a hot Latin guy with a really nice uncut cock.” He’s also fixated on Matthieu’s hot ass. Like Dave he’s very confident in front of the camera and super-friendly. BUT, he’s also straight ..very. Bryan says “he might be curious about guys, but not sure he would be willing to try something on film.” Usually Bryan will say something if a guy returns so we don;t expect a surprise here with this sexy guy.

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