New Faces For May 2017 Part 2

There are plenty of pleasant surprises to be found in this week’s assortment of newcomers and most of them serve as reminders of the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. That’s sometimes the case with a few porn models but it isn’t often that we get such a concentration in a week’s worth of new faces. At the same time overall we’re looking at a pretty promising group…and that’s the extra bonus among the surprises. In addition two of these guys are introduced in full-on sex scenes while another gets his shot later this week. The other three look like almost guaranteed returns which means this may be a 100% week!

Malcolm at Sean Cody. Super-handsome and confident Malcolm is also endearing because he’s a little nervous in his being naked on camera for the first time. Just a little. There’s no mystery either: Malcolm is openly gay and a total top who likes well as smooth shapely asses…and dick size isn’t important to him. And it sounds like he’s interested in more than a solo. When asked what he wants to get out of  Sean Cody he says, “having fun, meeting guys”. If so he’s going to be popular. HE is packing a big cock and just when you think he’s reached full hardness he gets bigger. Whatever nerves he has are gone in no time as he puts on a hot show twice and cums big every time.

A few extra notes about Malcolm. His best experience was a hook-up he had meeting a guy on a beach in Brazil. Great sex and spending the day together. Malcom also has been watching Sean Cody for a few years and he made the move to film with the studio at the urging of his boyfriend. Is that a hint that maybe we’ll see the boyfriend on camera too and we may see another real boyfriend scene?Stay tuned…

Maddox at Corbin Fisher. This muscle jock played football for four years and looks it. He’s also very serious at the beginning, a deep-voiced slow talker who doesn’t look like he has much to say. Right way you’ll be thinking that he’ll probably do this solo and a straight scene or two but that you won’t see him in a gay scene. BUT, once the guys behind the camera chats it up with Maddox he loosens up, he smiles and genuinely seems like a friendly guy. So maybe your opinion starts to change, but still you see a straight guy through and through.

Your preconceived notions about Malcolm change when he talks about a hot sex experience. After getting out of the shower a teammate came on to him and Maddox was all in. His bud sucked him AND Maddox fucked him. And he was quite a happy guys as a result. In addition this new guy is totally up to having scenes with guys at Corbin Fisher. So again, everyone can make the wrong assumption at times.

Jalen at Chaos Men. Site owner Bryan says this guy was a lot of fun to work with and we understand why. There wasn’t a lot of preliminary stuff for the shoot like sending pics or doing an interview. Jalen drive to the studio, checked it out and was good to go. He was quick to get hard, relaxed in front of the cameram, and raring to jack off. As an additional “selling point” Jalen is big, thick, uncut and quite the precummer.

Bryan continues, “He says he is Bi, but he definitely seems more into guys right now. For him to cum, I put a series of guys getting creampie’d on the screen, and that totally put him over the top.He shoots out ropes of cum, and looks thoroughly exhausted, yet satisfied with the mess he made!” More to cum? We shall see.

Matt Delgado at Next Door StudiosThis tall, nice-guy jock type has his first time on camera with Scotty Zee …and its a flip fuck. In his interview Matt talks about having a girlfriend who likes it when he “plays bi”…whatever that means. And Matt likes to suck cock and bottom, although he says he likes to mix it up. Is he bisexual or is he more gay? We shall see. Whatever the story he and Scotty Zee have a very hot scene. And yes, Matt is VERY tall. The good news is, “Scotty is covered in jizz and ready for the showers as Matt stands over him, cock drained and assured that this won’t be a one time affair.”


Nick Harper at Gay Hoopla. GH loves “Nick Harper’s demeanor and attitude… he’s also super hot with a huge dick.” And here’s a switch…he says he’s shorter than he is! Apparently he hadn’t measured in a while and though he thinks he’s 6′, GH thinks he’s taller. Nice body, decent cock. The drawback in his debut solo is that he’s REALLy into oral…with women. So, no gays scenes for Nick? He’s what’s coming in a couple days…

“Nick Harper makes his hardcore debut with Collin Simpson’s asshole in an impressive first shoot. I remember Nick Harper being super nervous about all this. If I recall correctly, he’s kissed a guy once, but nothing further. He’s always thought about doing more with a guy, but never been in the situation to do anything about it… until we got a hold of him. Nick ending up loving the camera and working with Collin who made him feel comfortable. We had to stop a few times because Collin couldn’t handle the girth and shape of Nick’s big cock. This video was definitely hot filming and the guys did a fantastic job.” Coming May 11.

Tony Shore at Guys In Sweatpants.  As GiSP says, “Tony is 6’3″ and 180lbs of ass and dick. He’s got ass and dick for days” but in his debut he’s paired with “insatiable bottom” Diego who gets “dicked down by Tony’s 8.5″ uncut beauty.” It helps Tony likes big plump asses and in their hot, uninhibited scene “Tony went to town fucking Diego’s brains out, to the point Diego had handfuls of sheets bracing himself for the pounding he was taking.”

In spite of Tony’s sweet face and riveting, beautiful eyes, he’s a rough, sexual dynamo. AND he’s another example of the rule: don’t be deceived by outward appearab=nces.

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