Ken Ott’s Debut At Peter Fever!

A few weeks ago it was announced that sexy Asian muscle jock Ken Ott was returning to porn and signed as an exclusive to Peter Fever and now his site debut is here. It’s titled “Here To Tease”, a very sensual  and well-shot solo that serves as a very tempting introduction to this hot young man. Shot in a dimly lit bedroom setting Ken Ott flirts and feels up his smooth muscular body while he narrates…

“My thoughts are of you; do you want to fuck me or can I have you? My body is filled with fantasies as I sense you next to me. Feeling my cock in my silk bottoms, I close my eyes and strip to my strap. My meat bulges as I take everything off; I want your lips wrapped around my shaft. Using a toy, I slide in, just like I do to you. The tight sensation has me moan and I remember just how good you feel when I am on top. In control, my girth spreads you further; I can smell your scent in the air while I edge. My sack undulates and I am close. Tugging faster, I see you in my mind; my body stiffens and I ejaculate onto my stomach. You are always in my thoughts.”

Ken Ott went from Chaturbate to full on gay porn at Video Boys and Gay Hoopla where he was featured in almost 20 videos.. This included several chapters of the site’s web series Edge of Desire. We would definitely consider him one of the hottest men at GH and certainly one of the friendliest and among the most popular stars there. More recently Ken Ott took time off and had retired but fortunately that was temporary . What will he be doing in the future at Peter Fever ? Stay tuned…

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