Cocky Boys: Levi & Cory!

This week Cory Kane returns to Cocky Boys and is paired with Levi Karter, the talented standard bearer who seems compatible with just about everyone who comes along…or at least everyone with whom he’s paired. Intuitively, or from personal experience, Levi sees through the popular opinion that Cory is shy. He thinks Cory is just quiet and he’s about to find out for sure. Innocently enough Levi shows Cory Kane around the Cocky Boys “compound” and they enjoy some his room. We don’t see it but Cory also gets a glimpse of his toys collection and then becomes the subject of some of Levi’s self-made phone-porn. It’s pretty basic: the guys suck each other and film it from their own POV. But this is just a tease, or maybe Levi’s way of feeling out Cory, because the event happens later.

In the “main” scene, after a delicious kissing sequence Levi Karter goes down on Cory Kane’s ginormous cock. We’ve seen before how Levi has turned into a super-skilled deep-throating cocksucker and you can sure see it here. Cory still remains relatively quiet but as Levi has surmised, he is NOT shy. And he seems to get energized, turning more aggressive as he kisses Levi. He gets Levi on the day bed (don’t you wish you knew where Cocky Boys  purchased their furniture?)

It’s interesting that as big and thick that Cory Kane is, he isn’t a deep throater…relative to Levi Karter, that is. But Cory does make up for it with gusto. He sucks Levi and licks his balls and adds a little more by flipping Levi backwards and rimming him and pressing one of his buttons. Everyone has at least one trigger spot and it seems that Levi has several, his ass being one of the more obvious. After getting rimmed for a bit Levi goes back to sucking Cory again. This time he’s a little more excited because  Cory reaches over to finger his ass.  So naturally it doesn’t take much prodding to get Levi Karter on his back ready to get fucked.

You want to know just how big Cory is? Just watch Levi’s face as Cory enters him and starts fucking and listen to him moan and groan as Cory fucks him non stop. It may sound a little brutal but when you look closely it’s clear Levi loves it. And as he does, you can see Cory’s attitude changing too. He’s less quiet, more expressive and definitely more aggressive. He turns Levi around and fucks him doggy style. Levi changes things up by rising to his knees for some side-kissing but goes back down with his head and shoulder down flat and his ass up in the air. It’s arguably their hottest-looking position.

We venture to say that Levi Karter may like riding on top simply because that’s the position he’s in when he cums here. He also looks like the epitome of sexual bliss. He doesn’t stop until his cock rockets an explosion of cum on Cory’s chest. Cory Kane subsequently cums jacking off, with Levi’s face in his crotch and more cum coats his lean-muscled torso. They end as they begun with more kissing, but far more smiling!

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