Titan Men’s Pool Service Finale

Titan Men‘s Pool Service wraps up this week with pool man Bennett Anthony back for more, this time paired with super-hot Adam Ramzi. As we told you before Bennett and Jack Vidra are the ginger studs behind the Redman Pool Service, having fun with their clients while on the job at a home in Palm Springs. In this scene Bennett gets it on with a fellows worker, the tree-trimmer. So, as it turns out Adam Ramzi is NOT playing the landscape architect from previous Titan Men “renovation” themed movies. That’s just a minor point though considering the hot scene that follows.

In addition to the pool service set-up and the scenes in Jasun Mark’s Pool Service share something else. The guys in each of the scenes have a lust at first sight reaction to each other and get it on almost immediately. Here Bennett Anthony is cleaning the pool while Adam Ramzi is trimming the hedges. They make eye contact, drop their chores and go up to each other. Adam and Bennett kiss and strip down and before much longer Adam is playing with Bennett’s body and going down on him.

Adam Ramzi has a subtly aggressive but passionate style that becomes more vivid after Bennett Anthony and he switch places and Adam is getting sucked. He’s more of a face fucker, thrust his hips and sliding his cock in deeper. Plus he grabs the back of Bennett’s head as he does it. They switch places again and Adam is even more passionate in his cocksucking. Maybe it’s just the way Bennett moves but at times he looks like Adam’s cocksucking has put him in a trance.

After the second round of cocksucking Adam and Bennett go to the large day bed found in the previous scenes. Here Adam rims Bennett who’s in a submissive bottom position. But..surprise!…Bennett puts Adam on his back and rims him…and then fucks him! The guys do a lot of moaning but it’s Adam whose voice clearly evokes the pain/pleasure feeling of being fucked. Bennett is more of a dirty talker.

The guys switch it up again this time with Bennett riding Adam’s cock and then with little re-positioning Adam is fucking Bennett on his back. As we mentioned Bennett Anthony is more of a dirty talker and it comes out more when Adam fucks him harder. Adam Ramzi is more of animal-seque growler and grunter and he too gets louder. Eventually he fucks the cum out of Bennett bed and sounds like a beast as he pulls out and cums over Bennett.  Back to work?  Not really. It looks like they’ve called it a day. Hot scene!

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