Cocky Boys Daily: Coming Attractions!

Cocky Boys has revised its “Upcoming Updates” front page banner and once again we can look forward to some very hot scenes and more than a few surprises. There’s an exciting debut, a model’s return after more than two years, a new scene with a member of the “Haus of Banks” and more. And, as always, this line-up doesn’t include scenes that might pop-up unexpectedly. In short, Cocky Boys continues to have a year of really good scenes and we see great things ahead.

Introducing Beau Taylor With Ricky Roman. We believe this scene is coming up next and for many it will be their first look at Beau Taylor in action. He comes to the site with plenty of buzz thanks to his social media presence and it’s already played dividends for him. He really is someone to watch. And let’s be honest. A new scene with Ricky Roman is always reason to celebrate.

Ricky Roman & Beau Banks. We mentioned this scene last time so it’s likely to be released very soon. So, more celebrating is in order for Ricky fans. Abd it’s great to see Beau Banks in action again. From the screenshot above it appears that Ricky is back on top for the scene. And we have to say just from this shot that these two guys look so good together.

Manuel Skye Fucks Damien Gunn. Yes, Damien Gunn makes a surprise return well over two years since he appeared in a couple scenes at Cocky Boys. He was 18 at the time so he may look a lot different now. At the very least he has a new haircut. How will Damien take aggressive and hung muscle man Manuel Skye? THAT is the burning question.

Justin Matthews Fucks Taylor Reign. Taylor has been very compatible with a variety of guys since returning to the site this year and Justin certainly adds to that list. Four of his five scenes have had Taylor getting topped, fulfilling his sexual desire to be “manhandled”.  Will Justin be the one who unexpectedly does the most roughhousing? Stay tuned…

Jacen Zhu & Cory Kane Flip-Fuck. Another intriguing pairing. As we saw before Jacen is a vivacious and friendly performer who does well with a laid-back type (his debut was with Tegan Zayne). And as we just saw Cory is quiet, not shy. Will he be the same in a flip-fuck scenario or will Jacen light a fie under him?

Lastly, there’s one more upcoming scene that we’re not at liberty to reveal just yet. But we can give you a few hints. It’s a three-way with one of the guys mentioned here. There’s also a fast rising new exclusive who is associated with another of the guys above. And the third guy is a favorite who we lst saw in the summer of 2016.  More to come…


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