Hot House’s Blindfold: Austin & Colton!

 Austin Wolf and Colton Grey help move the second half of director Nick Foxx’s kinky feature Blindfolded into a more intimate, yet edgier direction this week at  Hot House. In the first two scenes from the movie the setting was a cozy bedroom where hot blindfolded guys were unable to see the guys having their way with them. In this week’s scene with Austin Wolf and Colton Grey (and next week’s with Skyy Knoxx & Johnny V) the setting shifts to a “playroom” where the pair seem to have a pre-existing relationship and the blindfolding is part of their exploration of trust.  The shift is notable and very potent.

   The scene starts with Colton Grey in a sling and muscle giant Austin Wolf asking if he’s ready, then he pulls a blindfold over his eyes and begins. He kisses his face and neck and his lips move down his muscular, tattooed torso. Austin make his way to Colton’s ass and begins to rim him. The eroticism is very striking as Colton squirms, writhes and moans, reflecting the increased sensitivity derived from visual deprivation. We’ve seen Austin Wolf aggressively rim, finger and tease a hot ass before but it simply seems hotter now.  We wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone watching decided to try this out at home.

 Austin Wolf also starts stroking and sucking Colton Grey‘s thick cock, which of course gets bigger under Austin’s control. Austin also begins fucking him…the advantage of a sling making for an easy transition. Austin kisses Colton passionately and fucks him with the same all-encompassing style that we’ve seen before. Again the sensory deprivation adds to Colton’s least it seems that way by his reactions. Even just Austin’s spitting on his hole excites Colton. With Austin fucking Colton, you might expect the scene to continues like this until the climax, but Nick Foxx has other ideas.

  On a nearby table…in the foreground now…there’s a big dispenser of Gun Oil (product placement!) and a bowl of water and ice cubes. So Austin Wolf grabs a few and uses them on an unsuspecting Colton Grey whose reaction is again very vivid. Austin teases his hole with the ice, runs it over his cock, and torso. Abd after more finger fucking Austin fucks Colton even more aggressively. Surprisingly Austin takes Colton’s legs out of the hanging straps and with some of Colton’s cooperation lifts him to fuck him in mid-air! Colton also grabs the overhead bar so he an ride Austin’s cock..and Austin is quite pleased with this move.

 In another shift Austin puts Colton back in the sling and takes off his blindfold, as though Colton has passed a kind of test. Then he fucks Colton from behind as the bottom sits astride a padded horse. This sequence is arguably the hottest in terms of the visuals and the way these two are positioned. Colton Grey arches his back and with his tapered waist and bubble butt he looks amazing, Then add Austin Wolf‘s hulking body, sweaty muscles glistening as he pounded away and you’ve got spank material that might put you over the edge.

  After fucking in this position for a bit, sometimes balls deep,  Colton and Austin share a sideways kiss and then they fuck in a more “traditional” missionary style. Austin fucks Colton deep and hard until he Colton jacks his cock and cums over himself.  Austin Wolf then walks behind Colton Grey and cums in his mouth. It’s one of Austin’s more intense orgasms, he practically passes out (or at least looks like it) and it’s accentuated by Colton sucking his sensitive cock. You get the feeling the kiss they share at the end is just as intense. Wildly hot scene !

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