In May 2017 Part 2

In the last half of May at there are two more new mini-series including a tie-in to Fleet Week that runs three days in a row starting Memorial Day Weekend. In addition hot rising star Griffin Barrows is featured prominently in three of the series this month and he has a total of five scenes in the last half of the month alone. AND, he’s not even a studio exclusive…yet. We start off backtracking a bit to some of the series that started in the first half of the month and which will conclude before month’s end.

 As we mentioned last time Polyamor-Ass is the gay porn comeback for real-life bad boy Cliff Jensen who returns with a beard, an even deeper voice, a bit more size and a more body hair. Hard to picture him now as the smooth, cute-faced ad hung 21 year old who appeared at Next Door Twink back in 2010. Lots of water under THAT bridge! Here Cliff is a very popular fellow juggling three boyfriends and in part 1 decides to come clean in a meeting with them: Griffin Barrows (who lives with him), Vadim Black, and Will Braun. He proposes they all move in together and gives them a schedule. Each gets two days a week (chosen by Cliff) with him and on Sunday he gets his alone time. All reluctantly agree to the arrangement and they move in, all seemingly getting along in domestic bliss.

Of course the rules get broken one day. Vadim Black sneaks in to the bedroom while Cliff Jensen is sleeping and wakes him up, ready to get laid…even though it’s not his scheduled day . BUT, the other two guys are at work giving Vadim the opportunity to plead his case that because he met Cliff first he should get special treatment. Cliff is talked into it but tells Vadim that he has to keep this a secret. They suck and fuck with Cliff topping Vadim with his big cock….arguably one of the hottest-cocks in the biz.

In part two of Polyamor-Ass it’s Will Braun who seemed the most visibly hurt by Cliff’s cheating admission,  decides to break the rules. One morning, after checking to make sure that Griffin and Vadim are asleep Will goes Cliff Jensen who is taking a shower and tells him he found out about Vadim’s off-schedule fuck and wants one of his own. At first angry Cliff pulls Will into the shower and kisses him before going down on him with aggressive passion. Will returns the favor out of the shower and has a big more of a cock-sucking challenge.

Because they’re also trying to keep this off-schedule liaison secret they confine it all to the bathroom. Not  that they keep things all that quiet. Dirty talking Cliff Jensen fucks Will Braun from behind before lying on the floor where Will rides his cock.Cliff then fucks Will on his back atop the counter. Cliff and Will genuinely seem to be compatible sexually as they continue to get very intense. Cliff gives Will a long-lasting facial abd then Will spurts up a thick, creamy load. And, thinking that they haven’t woken anyone up Cliff takes Will back to lie down with.

Coming up in part 3 it’s Griffin Barrows‘ turn to demand extra days and like the other “boyfriends” he goes for Cliff in the morning.  It turns out that Griffin found out about the other two guys because he’s been spying on Cliff and he wants more time simply because, as he puts it , “two days is not enough”. So he sucks Cliff and gets fucked in multiple positions. Although Cliff tells Griffin not to say anything but it doesn’t stop him from being the loudest of the three guys. By the way this series began on Friday May 5, continues on May 12 and this episode appears on May 19 so we assume the conclusion comes on May 26 even though the preview trailer hasn’t been posted. We can also assume that Polyamor-Ass leads up to a fourgy. Stay tuned…

As we mentioned last time Twink Peaks is gay porn parody (sort of) of Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s cult series from the early ’90s that’s returning as a limited series sequel on Showtime this month. At first this series started out bearing only a slight resemblance to the original series but as it goes on they have some fun with it, partodying at least one plot device and different characters. In part one we enter the small mountain town of Twink Peaks where Robert (Vadim Black) and Laurel Pinetree (Noah Jones) are having a secret affair that involves a picnic in the woods and sex back in the cabin. Vadim and Noah engage in soap opera melodramatics so it’s hard to say if their acting is lacking or they’re purposely playing it that way

The cabin sex scene helps to calm the waters a little but the passionate chemistry between the two guys is lacking. Besides in the picnic scene it sounded like they were leading up to Noah Jones bottoming for Vadim Black. It doesn’t happen, or even come close, but Noah does give viewers a hot cum shot that shows he’s more excited than he lets on. As for the story, it ends on a cliffhanger as Laurel/Noah leaves in a hurry and runs out into the woods.

In part 2 of Twink Peaks Robert (Vadim Black) goes to Jimmy (Aspen) who’s spending his evening hours playing a banjo. What that’s all about defies explanation. We learn that Robert is also carrying on with Jimmy AND he’s in love with him… but again it’s a big secret. And as Jimmy says, if it gets out there will be repercussions. What they are remains to be seen.

Vadim fucks Aspen in this scene and and as we’ve seen many times before Aspen is a very demonstrative bottom…the rougher, the better. And after fucking Aspen every which way it’s Vadim Black who has a good size cumshot. But so does Aspen, prompting him to make mention of going to get cleaned up from all the splooge on his hot bod.

As we mentioned, coming up in part 3 of Twink Peaks we see the story start to resemble the source material and a few more characters show up that are closer to the material as well. First off Laurel Pinetree (Noah Jones) is found dead and like the Laura Palmer character from Twin Peaks is found by the lake shore, wrapped in a plastic sheet. Enter Griffin Barrows as a special agent investigating the murder who along with the town sheriff (Xander Brave) questions Jimmy (Aspen). Jimmy’s alibi is that he was secretly with Robert and the agent is willing to keep that part quiet on one condition. Of course the price is a hot three-way with Aspen, Griffin and Xander.

In the Twink Peaks finale things really get nutty at the lodge setting. Colby Keller appears as the the gay porn version of the Log Lady and like the character wears big glasses and carries around a pine log that speaks to him..or so he says. AND, the “log” apparently heard screams the night of the murder. Apparently Laurel (Noah Jones) appears (a dream, hallucination?) and an orgy ensues with Noah, Colby, Vadim Black, Aspen Griffin Barrows, and Xander Brave. Side note: Colby’s casting caries a little irony because his ex was Dale Cooper, the name of the special agent played by Kyle MacLachlan in the Twin Peaks series.

Speaking of Aspen he’s also prominent this last half of May starting with “Pit Stop”. In this stand alone scene he and Jaxton Wheeler are buds (or work mates) sharing a hotel room. While unpacking  a naked Aspen sees Jaxton checking him out and teases him about it. A little rough-housing ensues and soon the guys are enjoying a suck and flip-fuck scene.

Starting up in this last half of May is The Dinner Party which takes place on one night where the guests all enjoy good food and the company of good friends. For Teddy Torres this evening’s fun also takes place away from the dining room table: at different points in the evening he has sex with all the male guests at this little dinner party. In part 1 Stig Andersen plays footsy with Teddy under the table and after communicating with a few flirtatious looks they steal away to have a quickie.

In part 2 of The Dinner Party Matthew Parker toasts Teddy Torres who soon after excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Matthew follows him there and they too have sex with seemingly no one suspecting. Part 3 takes place after the party when Teddy Torres and River Wilson are doing the dishes…and take time to fuck.

Coming up we take a look at more concluding mini-series and the Fleet Week series which unfolds over the course of three days. Stay tuned…

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