Dominic Ford: Scott Demarko & Cody Kross

 Dominic Ford has a super-sexy and passion-driven scene this week with a pairing with very  vivid chemistry:  Scott Demarko and DF exclusive Cody Kross. Obviously it helps that their scene is presented in 4K high definition but you need only see the preview trailer to see this chemistry. It almost seems too really to be confined to an onscreen match-up.

The scene starts outdoors on what appears to be a balcony or patio and then moves inside. And it includes kissing, lots of kissing (and “fooling around” as the site says) which is always a plus for a potentially good scene. Dominic Ford assigns a “Raw Passion” tag to this scene but more accurately the video is simply as described: “Love, Passion, Tenderness.”

Indoors the loving passion continues not just in the kissing but also by the way Cody Kross sucks Scott Demarko. So naturally it follows that, as Dominic Ford  describes it, “Scott uses his huge cock to make love to Cody.” Watch the trailer carefully and you’ll see Scott do the thing we like to see in attentive tops: looking at Cody’s response to getting fucked. Knowing what pushes Cody’s buttons pays off because in the course of the multi-position fucking, “Cody cums in the middle of the scene, he likes it so much. Then Scott cums on Cody’s ass and fucks him again.”

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