American Muscle Hunks: Seth Knight Returns

As American Muscle Hunks has shown many times the “muscle” on the site isn’t always the stereotypical version. Take Seth Knight, who returns this week in a solo scene. In his first appearance here in February of 2016 tattooed Seth topped Johnny V and showed he had definitely evolved from twink status. More than a year later he’s added more size. Plus you can see in his face he’s matured well beyond the semi-innocent young man from just a few years ago.

American Muscle Hunks says that Seth Knight “wanted to show off his hard work in the gym. His body has grown and, with that, his beautiful muscle ass is larger than ever. After flexing and showing off, Seth gladly throws his ass at us and lets us get a great look at the beautiful hole. Finally, he lies back and strokes a huge load out that covers his ripped abs and thighs.” Check out the preview here .

Seth Knight is actually doing things in reverse by performing a solo AFTER his first full-on sex scene. But that doesn’t mean we won;t be seeing him in another scene after this? With Joey D perhaps? Stay tuned…

Lastly, two recent additions to the American Muscle Hunks roster just shot a scene together: Troy Accola and Beau Taylor. Beau posted a tame pic but a very hot hint on Twitter: “ and I were more than naughty together and we can’t wait to show you …. stay tuned.”

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