Cocky Boys Daily: All Saints Update!

There’s lots of stuff going on at Cocky Boys now and in the near future… as you’ll see in our next post on the studio. But today our focus is updating you on the upcoming feature/series All Saints. At this juncture it’s safe to call this epic because it ambitiously covers a lot of ground. As we’ve reported before it’s technically a sequel to Answered Prayers but it’s also tied to The Haunting and Meeting Liam. How much it’s tied to these other features has yet to be revealed and that’s fine with us. And today’s pics reveal little more, except tantalizing glimpses into what’s to come.

From past posts from Jake Jaxson we know that the cast of  All Saints includes Carter Dane, Levi Karter, Calvin Banks, Adam Ramzi (as a priest)and Jake Jaxson himself in a non-sex cameo as the tortured Van Deerin character. From recent posts we also now know that Levi is returning as Puck  (as seen at the top and below). Also below you’ll see some very beautiful but unrevealing pics. However here’s Jake’s caption for the pics: ” Hi y’all. Early Morning location scout for ALL SAINTS .” Brother against brother? Hmmm. By the way

By the way have you noticed that all four seasons also will have played a role if you consider Answered Prayers,The Haunting, Meeting Liam & All Saints as a unified saga?

Accompanied with the pics below and the one at the top “PUCK RETURNS ” We can assume that Levi’s pup Bella Karter is reprising her role as Puck’s pup. She played a pivotal role and was key to Levi’s portrayal of Puck. Confused? Check out Answered Prayers if you haven’t seen it yet and you’ll understand what we mean…

Stay tuned…

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