In May 2017 Part 3

In our newest spotlight on upcoming releases at we take a look at more series that are wrapping up in the coming weeks, a couple stand-alone scenes, and the new series Fleet Week…which coincides with the real event happening in NYC at the same time. The Marc MacNamara series features a hot all-star cast including a “big” player, some fan faves and a new face.

We start with Secret Affair, the Alter Sin series that got a little extra publicity last week because it was featured in YouTuber Davey Wavey’s visit to a porn set video.  To recap, part 1 of Secret Affair introduced us to sexy philanderer Paddy O’Brian who brings home Skyy Knox for some hot sex. Before getting down to some VERY hot sex, Skyy finds out that Paddy has a boyfriend Diego Reyes ..although Paddy insists he’s not for much longer. The guysare almost ready to fuck when Diego arrives home unexpectedly!

The sex here is exceptional thanks to the uninhibited talents of Skyy and Paddy. We have to say that for a straight guy Paddy O’Brian puts more believable passion and excitement into a scene that many other straight and bi stars …and is often more believable that some openly gay performers! This scene is also heightened by the danger factor. Instead of sending Skyy Knox on his way Paddy has sex with him while Diego is taking a bath and could come out any time. At the end, after fucking Skyy abd delivering a huge cumshot, Paddy distracts Diego as Skyy sneaks out.

Part 2 of Secret Affair features the twist in this semi-farcical series:  Diego Reyes is also cheating…although unlike Paddy he’s apparently guilt-ridden over it Enter Gabriel Cross, the only one in the know, who tells Diego about Paddy’s cheating in order to absolve him of guilty..and get into his pants. NO interruptions here as the two engage is some very passionate sex.

Coming up in the finale of Secret Affair the cheating boyfriends BOTH bring their lovers home …at the same time. Diego Reyes and Gabriel Cross are fooling around in one room, while Paddy O’Brian and Skyy Knox are in the other room. However neither couple is noiseless so the secret liaisons are revealed.  In  a final twist they decide to part and have sex one last time….in a four-man orgy! That’s what we call amicable!

Just released is The Parlor which is set at a mysterious, VERY private sex club. In part 1 Robbie Rojo finds the seemingly abandoned building, takes an elevator to another floor which is guarded by silent sentinel Diego Reyes. Robbie then is escorted to another large room where super-hot Lucas Fox awaits him. And without exchanging one word Robbie and Lucas have passionate sex in the “Gods of Men” . As we mentioned when we previewed the scene Lucas Fox is one of the sexiest new stars around and this full scene bears out our impression.

Coming up in part 2 it’s Hector De Silva who seems to casually find The Parlor where he finds Jean Favre, the sexy newcomer in his second appearance at MEN.comAgain there’s no dialog or explanation for this mysterious location and it looks like we may not find any answer even if there’s another chapter…which won’t appear until June.

In the midst of these min-series are two stand alone scenes, the first being the delightfully-titled “Guest Butt Fucker”. Roman Cage to deliver clean towels to the room where  Jacob Peterson seems to be a houseguest or hotel guest. After knocking on the door and getting no answer Roman peeks his head to toget a shock: Jacob has his headphones and eyes closed while lying on his bed naked and jacking off. All’s well that ends well though as somehow Jacob gets great room service..a deep fucking from Roman.

In the Gods of Men scene “L’Amour” you’ve got two of the sexiest men in porn paired up: Griffin Barrows and Arad Winwin. No plot here as far as we know. Just two guys having an afternoon delight in their living room with unbridled passion and hot sex abounding. Griffin is always a dynamic performer abd he brings it out in his co-stars …as the trailer for this scene shows.

Lastly, there’s the three-part series Fleet Week which unfolds over consecutive days May 28-30. It’s an plot-free, drama -free anthology featuring three pairs of sailors enjoying liberty leave …and each other in some very sweetly romantic and hotly sexual ways. The first  part features super-stud Rafael Alencar in his first  scene since last fall. And once again it’s star of the month Griffin Barrows showing his sexual stamina and expertise in taking him on.

Part two features Jacob Peterson and Paul Canon looking good together. By the way at first we thought that perhaps Jacob and Griffin or Noah Jones (below) for that matter wouldn’t be allowed to have beards while in service but apparently you can,  for medical reasons and/or the permission of a superior officer. Paul’s earrings? Still a no-no. As for Noah’s co-star he’s a newbie named Matie.

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