Sean Cody: Frankie & Shaw

This week Sean Cody pairs up the energetic, hard topping Frankie and nice-guy muscle man Shaw who appears to have settled into a comfortable status as frequent bottom. So, as far as top-bottom roles go they’re compatible. As for personality compatibility that was our big question going into the scene. Frankie has proven to perfect with the site’s lively bottoms like Lane, Manny, and Blake and lived up to his “freaky” self-description. With laid back Sean it was marred by the technical problems that plagued the site. Good news is that this isn’t a problem here even though it was filmed a while ago at the “old” Sean Cody house. Frankie is again a wild fucker…with some hot results.

Although the guys get acquainted for the cameras with a little chit-chat and calisthenics down by Sean Cody Bay (our name for a favorite filming spot in San Diego) Shaw mentions he already knows about Frankie‘s hard-topping style. So, it’s off to the house to start filming. Right away Frankie lets loose with the tough, dirty talk as he and Shaw kiss. And it isn’t long before Shaw in on his knees getting face fucked by Frankie. A 69 follows and soon Shaw is riding Frankie’s cock. Shaw may have know about Frankie’s style but the actual experience, which includes a fear hard slaps on his ass,  looks like a bit of a surprise to him.

Frankie fucks Shaw doggie style and thrusts it hard and deep in battering ram style. He’s relentless. He does choke or pull Shaw’s hair but he comes very close. It’s very intense and in keeping with this tone, Frankie pulls out and shoots on Shaw’s hole. But he doesn’t stop. He keeps jacking his cock and shoots another load! Now it could very well be that Frankie was engaged in a little cum self-control but it’s still high intensity.

And guess what? He keeps on going. Frankie fucks Shaw on his back on top of the coffee table and does the same two-part cum thing again. He shoots inside Shaw and keeps going, this time getting closer to choking Shaw until the muscle bottom explodes And soon after Frankie pulls out and with the same wildly intense and sweaty action he cums again! Then have a very breathless post-sex scene in which Frankie looks spent. BUT they do go to round two in the bedroom…with some recovery time we hope.

Round two finds Frankie is full dirty-talkin’ dominant mode, standing up and unleashing his cock on Shaw’s mouth. And when they move to the bed Frankie rims him, and continues with the sex talk as he moves ahead to fucking him doggie style again.  Shaw is a more submissive bottom this time around (at one point he moans out “don’t stop!”) but still Frankie doesn’t slow down as though there’s still resistance. And for his holding back on the hair-pulling and choking in round one, he doesn’t hold back here. He hold Shaw to the bed ass up and when he flips him on his back he’s holding him down by the throat.

Frankie loves to slam his cock in deep and that elicits a lot of vocal reaction from Shaw. Shaw’s dirty talk sounds like it’s more for show, like he’s trying to keep up with Frankie’s sex talk. But if it helps Shaw get into the scene more,m that’s okay. Again Frankie makes Shaw cum intensely before he too pulls out and has a wild jack-off finish. Frankie moves at blurring sped and he doesn’t stop until he’s milked his cock dry. Who knows he may even have removed a layer of skin! As they wind down Frankie more fully appreciates the muscle he’s just fucked. And with Shaw all smiles it’s Frankie who surprisingly says “you wearin’ me out”! And he looks at Shaw with real admiration ..and maybe a little newfound crush?


So here were are at mid-May with another revised Sean Cody Top Model List . After this week’s scenes Landon and Shaw both move up in the ranks . As we said earlier in the week Landon is about crack in the jammed up Top Ten. Shaw and Manny are now tied, not quite up into the second tier…but getting closer.

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (37)
4. Brodie (35)
5. Blake (34)
6. Jess (33)
6. Randy (33)
8. Joey (31)
8. Jarek (29)
10. Sean (26)
10. Porter (26)
10. Jamie (26)
13. Dean (25)
14. Lane (24)
14. Calvin (24)
14. Landon (24)
17. Dennis (23)
18. Jordan (22)
18. Jayden (22)
18. Daniel (22)
21. David (21)
21. Pavel (21)
21. Harley (21)
24. Liev (20)
24. Pete (20)
24. Jake (20)
27. Kurt (19)
28. Jack (19)
29. Manny (16)
29. Shaw (16)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)

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