Cocky Boys: Fun With Ricky & Beaux

Let’s state this right away. Its’s impossible NOT to be immediately captivated by the sweetly charming interaction between Ricky Roman and Beaux Banks in the first minutes or so of their scene together at Cocky Boys. Beaux is giddy to be with Ricky and we get the idea he almost can’t believe he’s finally going to have a scene with someone whose videos he’s been watching for a long time. Ricky is flattered, but not cocky. In fact he has some compliments for Beaux too, including the fact he’s a really good kisser and has a hot ass. Really, if your long held crush treated you this way you’d be like Beaux Banks: beaming and nearly in heaven.

The chemistry is quite vivid and Ricky Roman soon learns that Beaux Banks‘ kissing is just the first sign of compatibility. Beaux goes down on him and lovingly sucks his cock and Ricky reacts accordingly. Like he complimented his kissing, Ricky gives Beaux a verbal thumbs up on his oral pleasure too. In response he exposes Beaux’ hot bubble butt and once again Beaux looks like he’s won the lottery: he’s so happy to be in this situation. And again when Ricky buries his face in his crack and rims him Beaux looks like he’s in total ecstasy. You know where this is going but the anticipation is sublime.

After a little teasing Ricky Roman indeed slides his cock into Beaux Banks as they stand in the window. Ricky goes slow but Beaux is the one who picks things up. Bent over the window sill he moves and thrusts his ass on Ricky’s cock, eagerly and happily fucking himself on it. Knowing this is what Beaux wants Ricky fucks back at the same rhythm. Really, it’s hard to tell who is doing the most thrusting here. As they do you’ll see Beaux is rock hard and he’s not even touching his cock. It’s totally hot.

We’ve seen our share of bottoms assuming control and Beaux Banks actions here certainly rank as some of the best. He grinds his ass like an exotic dancer on Ricky’s cock and again fucks himself slow at first then really fast. Ricky doesn’t have to do anything and he sure looks satisfied by Beaux’ actions. With Ricky’s arms around him and Beaux again smiling he says what seems perfectly clear, “This is a fucking dream come true”.  And you just know Beaux means it. The breathing is heavy and the tone intense as Ricky changes things up by asking Beaux to suck him.

Sitting on the day bed Ricky Roman leans back and gets more of Beaux Banks cocksucking. Knowing what we know it really does look like is comes from a place of affection. This time Ricky reciprocates as Beaux stands there. And then he tells Beaux to lie down on the bed so he can enjoy his ass again. He fucks him flat on the bed then lifts him on all fours. Ricky move back to topping Beaux flat on the bed then finds the exact spot inside Beaux by fucking him down…but sideways. Whatever works!

Ricky goes back to fucking Beaux in ab straight line and that works for him. He can’t hold back any longer and so Beaux flips on his back just in time to get a facial and a mouthful. Ricky Roman is so excited though that his cum flies over Beaux’s head before hitting its intended target. With Ricky’s verbal encouragement and his hand strategically placed in his Beaux Banks‘ crotch the eager bottom lies on his back and shoots his load. Ricky kisses him and an euphoric Beaux breaks the fourth wall with a very vivid expletive laden exclamation that tells you just how happy he is to have his sex fantasy come true. It’s wild! What an ending and what a scene!

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