Cocky Boys Daily: Busy Times!

As we mentioned in our last Cocky Boys news update these are busy times for the studio both on the set and off camera. Thanks to posts from Jake Jaxson we can catch you up on some of the various events that the studio will be attending and/or in which they’ll be actively participating.  And really this is just the stuff that’s been firmed up. As Cocky Boys celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year there are more plans yet unannounced.


Of course Cocky Boys will be present at the Grabbys themselves on Saturday May 27 AND represented on stage because exclusive Carter Dane is one of the co-hosts. He’ll be joined by Bruce Beckham and two guys who have made several prominent appearances at Cocky Boys: Skyy  Knox and Wesley Woods! In addition the night before on Friday May 26 several Cocky Boys will be appearing in person at the Fleshjack 10th Anniversary Party at Progress! Boomer Banks, Levi Karter and Liam Riley will be there along with former CockyBoy Jake Bass and Trenton Ducati and Topher Dimaggio, both of whom have turned in some of their best work at Cocky Boys

On the IML side of the weekend Cocky Boys will also be represented. On Sunday May 28 Roscoe’s Slave 4 Britney Sunday will be an “IML Edition” with exclusives Boomer Banks, Levi Karter and Taylor Reign all appearing in person.


As we reported before Cocky Boys be be on hand for the first annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards to be held on Thursday June 22 at Stage 48 in NYC abd hosted by Sandra Bernhard. As Jake posted, “The Str8UpGayPorn Awards are coming soon! As always they have folks talking, & there is no better ‘Tell-it-like-it-is’ host than Sandra Bernhard.”

And as we also reported previously (Cocky Boys Daily: Pool Party!) on Saturday June 24 Cocky Boys will be hosting its 10th Anniversary Pool Party at the “CockyBoys Compound” the day before NYC pride.

As Jake also points out in between awards and events they’re busy filming regular scenes as well as the All Saints epic. Stay tuned…

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