New Faces For May 2017 Part 3

This week’s newcomers spotlight has yet another selection of fascinating characters who are almost all guaranteed returnees to their respective sites. As such we’re getting the impression that lately several of the sites are making an extra effort to cast guys who will come back for more but are also quite different from the norm.

Dillan at Sean Cody. Frankly, we didn’t know what to make out of this sweetly goofy but highly sexy guy from the midwest. He’s an inadvertent fan who happened upon the site, masturbated to the content and came back for me. He also decided he wanted to be ON the site…which he mistakenly thinks is called “Sean and Cody” (it sounds like a Nicklodeon show). Content-wise Dillan’s impression of Sean Cody is “aggressive but tasteful”. He sounds like a free spirit, proud of his body and lacking any shame about showing it off and jerking off in front of people. And on the drive to the studio he’s already expressing to do more. He’s always smiling and so guileless you just want to see more.

Of course personality isn’t the main thing people check in to see at Sean Cody . It’s looks, body, cock,  and performance and Dillan scores high all all these parameters too. And it appears that those in charge at the site think so too. For a solo debut this is an extra long scene and it’s all about giving viewers an in depth look at him. In the beginning he’s filmed at his hotel and this is also the setting for the THIRD jack-off session we see at the end. Yep, three J/O sequences. Lots of interviewing, filming Dillan in bed, in the shower, in the pool. In short it sure looks like SC is grooming their next star. Stay tuned..


Owen at Corbin Fisher. Tall, beefy, bearded and gay, 27 year old Owen looks absolutely delighted to be at Corbin Fisher and we’re sure the site must be happy too. No guesswork as to whether he’ll be up for a guy-on-guy scene. And he’s definitely NOT shy either. He’s eager to tell a story about one of his public sex adventures and he admits it’s a turn-on to talk about it. As CF says, “From foot fetishes to voyeurism – he’s looking to try it all! When it comes down to the action, we see just how sexual and uninhibited he is….”

Owen has a really nice cock and balls and he puts on a good show, getting pretty vocal. But that’s not all . He also uses a dildo on himself and fucks himself in a variety of positions. He gets off and makes plenty of noise doing so. He has a thick load and puts some of it into his ass and he admits he does this at home too.In his post-orgasm chat with the cameraman he comes out and says outright he’s happy to be at Corbin Fisher. SO..who will he be matched up with??

Robbie Rivers at Chaos Men. Site owner Bryan say in his scene summary that he has been looking for “experienced” guys who know what they’re doing. We can understand that, although it seems Chaos Men has better luck than most sites with new faces. But we can assume that guys like Robbie Rivers (who has periodically done work for several sites previous to this) will help those new guys who need a helping hand. AND, Bryan likes his work. He’s bi and is up for anything, is versatile but leans towards the bottom.  He’s also grown facial hair since we last saw him.  And we know Bryan likes scruff!

It sounds like Robbie is a bit of an exhibitionist who likes to put on a show…and he does. “Robbie says he loves to rim guys, and eating another guy’s hole turns him on too. For his solo, I gave him some butt toys and he went to town on his ass.He gets a little wobbly on his knees, so I have him show-off his ass for a bit. He then gets on his back and inserts the dildo, and that really woke his cock up. Yep! He definitely loves to bottom.He switches over to the butt-plug, and with the vibration on, he quickly shoots his load. Robbie will be back next week, likely to do some fucking, so stay-tuned!”

Johnny Hill at Next Door StudiosThis self admitted “good ol’ country boy” from North Carolina is the only straight guy (or so it seems) of the week so we’re not so sure he’ll be back. This tattooed exhibitionist is into outdoor activity but he also spends time in the gym and he puts on a seductive show to let us see that gym work. Here’s something telling (perhaps) about his potential after showing his bod and cock:

“He spits on the head and rubs it gently as it gets harder for you, before making his way over to the window for a little show and tell, spreading his cheeks as he spanks himself, before leaning against the window and bringing himself to climax. With his cock dripping cum, he gives a final look into the camera, but with any luck, this won’t be the last we see of this sultry, Southern stud.” Hmmm

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