Titan Men’s Sling Launches!

This week Titan Men begins showing scenes from its new movie Sling in which much of the action takes place in the fairly popular adult playroom apparatus. But there’s more to it than that. The sling itself is the catalyst, the ice-breaker if you will, for the very hot match-ups that transpire in the movie’s three scenes. The movie starts out with a customer/delivery guy hook-up but the sling twist and the totally hot pairing of Jason Vario and Adam Ramzi give this familiar premise new life.

In the scene delivery man  Adam Ramzi brings a package to a most interesting warehouse in which Jason Vario is the only one around to accept delivery. Quick side note: Jason looks so good in his tight denim overalls he could easily revive them as popular attire. After some humorous interplay in which Adam finds out the company makes adult playroom gear Jason leads him over to a sling and with a little more slyly sexual interplay shows the delivery man how it’s used. By the way there’s some hot, very natural chemistry between these two even before they kiss and get things going. It’s accentuated by the natural acting abilities of both guys.  We already knew this about Adam, but Jason is more of a surprise. He’s really evolved from the relatively quiet muscle giant to the dynamic star he is today.

They kiss in the sling and then adjacent to it Jason Vario gets Adam Ramzi naked to suck his cock. And as usual Adam knows how to express his sexual pleasure on camera. They kiss passionately before Adam gets on his knees and returns the favor. Surprisingly Jason leaves his tank top on as Adam takes on his monster cock. With his mouth full Adam doesn’t say much except when he takes a momentary break and sees how big Jason is and exclaims “FUCK!” He has the same awestruck vocal response when Jason takes off his top and shows his huge, muscled body. It IS eye-riveting and entices Adam to slap his pecs and suck him more.

After more kissing Jason Vario shows Adam Ramzi even more advantages to hooking up in this particular warehouse. Jason brings our a rim sit which allows Adam to sit comfortably above Jason who indeed gives his hole oral delights. You know it has to be exciting to use because both these guys are rock hard. The placement of the seat also gives Adam the chance to bend over more and suck Jason’s cock whose size makes this seemingly difficult 69 much easier. The thrill of this rim seat wears out and Jason then goes back to eating out Adam in a more “normal” style.

Jason fucks Adam on all fours and really goes to town. Adam may be stating the obvious by exclaiming “It’s so fucking big!” but then Adam really knows how to put emotion into such outbursts. Also, the guys definitely work up a sweat which naturally adds to the already existing intensity. They come full circle, sort of, when Adam Ramzi straddles the sling, holds the chains for support and gets fucked from behind again.  Finally he lies back in the sling as Jason Vario fucks him hard.

There’s no mistaking the intense passion as Jason jacks off Adam as he plows him and doesn’t stop fucking until his large hands milks a load out of him. Finally Adam in on his knees as a seated Jason pumps out a huge load giving him a facial which also lands in his beard. We also like seeing passionate kissing at theend of a scene and these guys REALLY deliver on that too. A hot fantasy to be sure but if it was real you know that Adam Ramzi would make sure to get on that delivery route EVERY day.

Coming up Tex Davidson is another delivery man, this time bringing the sling to a seemingly mild-mannered customer Alex Mecum who’s not as vanilla as he looks. AND, “Store manager Eddy CeeTee gets a glimpse of new designer Liam Knox at the factory, the two testing out the merchandise in a verbal flip fuck.” Stay tuned…

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