Naked Sword Launches Kiss And Tel Aviv

This week Naked Sword goes international once again with the first episode of the new series Kiss And Tel Aviv!  The studio says this is “one of the most aesthetically pleasing, gorgeously shot movies we have put out to date, with remarkable photography and ridiculously hot sex.” As you can guess by the title it was shot on location in Tel Aviv, Israel , directed by mr Pam and the studio boasts that she “does the unthinkable, shooting daring scenes on beaches and roof tops to create a brilliantly beautiful production.”

The first episode “Cock By The Ocean” stars Kayden Gray and Ryan Rose and as promise they have sex on the beach, in broad daylight, and seemingly not hidden from view. Naked Sword describes the view with “glorious clear blue skies and crashing waves as the perfect backdrops for Ryan Rose and Kayden Gray who decide that this Tel Aviv beach is clothing optional.” It’s a small and somewhat rocky beach and doesn’t exactly look like it’s easy to get around which might account for the lack of people looking on. Still it doesn’t dim the passion or the mobility of the two stars.

“After briefly sunning themselves they start to explore and find the perfect place out on the rocks to deep-throat each other’s cocks. Kayden bends Ryan over to eat his ass then slams his cock inside and pounds him hard. Ryan pushed Kayden back into the surf so he can ride his cock until he cums. Ready to bust, Kayden stands up and jerks off, shooting his load into the Mediterranean.”

From the preview and the pics it appears mr Pam is going for a very natural look, showing the beauty of the setting and these guys with any apparent embellishment like color filters or soft focus sex.  Of course it helps when you have hot guys like Ryan Rose and Kayden Gray, who look good in almost any situation, setting, or time of day. And they set the bar high for the start of this new series. Stay tuned…

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