Cocky Boys: Damien Gunn & Manuel Skye!

Damien Gunn is back at Cocky Boys this week after almost two years away and he’s paired with Manuel Skye!  At first glance this unexpected match-up doesn’t seem like it would make much sense, but almost immediately you’ll see it just about every Cocky Boys pairing. In fact Damien and Manuel are strikingly compatible in a scene packed with a ton of sexual energy. Don’t believe it?  Just watch.

First of all you can’t help but see that Damien Gunn has grown into his looks since he last appeared at age 18, going from cute to handsome. He still has that lean-muscled body but he’s filling out. He still provides a visual contrast to Manuel Skye who represents many of the qualities Damien like, muscular,older and more experienced. Plus, he’s hung. From Manuel’s point of view Damien represents the fit, younger guys  he likes who are interested in building a trust-based connection with himself in charge. In addition Damien has some acrobatic experience which again is something that Manuel has mentioned in his back story. Arguably the determining factor is the “vibration” Manuel feels when Damien touches him. You can see the connection for yourself as they kiss and undress. And that energy we mentioned? It’s non-stop.

Damien Gunn is visibly fired up to undress Manuel Skye and get to his cock and even if he was told to slow down it’s doubtful anyone could make him. That said, once he pulls down Manuel’s briefs and his thick hard cock springs forward, Manuel stops Damien. It’s the first of many interesting turns the scene has. It feels like Manuel wants to be in total control..and he is. Instead he pushes Damien back on the sectional sofa (where ALL the action takes place), pulls off his jeans and sucks HIS cock. What’s also noticeable here is how Damien keeps arching his back and thrusting his hips to meet Manuel’s mouth. It’s as though Damien has a built-in gyroscope that keeps running and running through the scene.  Watch carefully and you see he never settles down.

As much as Damien Gunn is squirming, arching his back, writhing, twisting, etc Manuel Skye also never stops manipulating him like his life size sex doll. He flips Damien over, rims and finger fucks his bouncing bubble butt and flips him over again and face fuck him. That’s putting it mildly. It’s like a wrestling match in which a breathless Damien squirms and twists to get out of a hold but his relentless opponent Manuel getting the upper hand and working Damien’s ass at the same time. When he finally lets Damien go the soon-to-be-bottom hungrily goes back to licking Manuel’s big balls as he jacks off.

Thanks to an interview prior to his appearances at Cocky Boys we know that Manuel Skye is an acrobatic aerialist and he brings these skills of balance and gymnastics into the scene. His showmanship is on display as he does a Jean-Claude Van Damme stretching-balancing position on top of the sectional and Damien Gunn sucks his cock in this position.  Damien joins the “show” by squatting over Manuel’s face for rimming.  This little show then  takes another turn as Manuel picks up Damien like he’s lighter than air, puts him on his cock to ride him. And, during this fucking lifts his ass and back off the sofa and fucks him. If Cirque Du Soleil ever did a show like this they would sell plenty more tickets!

There’s more ass play before Manuel Skye fucks Damien Gunn in what looks like it will be basic sex position. But as Manuel fucks Damien from behind, he pulls his arms back like some kind of erotic ballet. Yes, Cirque Du Soleil comes to mind again.  He then fucks him flat to the furniture (And yes Damien is still squirming) in one of the scene’s more “standard” porn moments.

And at the end Manuel face fucks Damien again and once more Damien is quite active. jacking his big cock until he cums over himself.  Manuel finishes off Damien by jacking off over him in another fire hose type of cum shot (that he’s shown here before). It’s a huge, long-lasting cumshot , so much so that Manuel can aim and “glaze” Damien’s torso wherever he points his cock. Amazing.

Manuel Skye has already proven himself a star here at Cocky Boys and elsewhere but it’s Damien Gunn in his unexpected return who shows some surprising star power. If he returns in a new scene it will be interesting to see who gets the nod to be his scene partner.

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