Sean Cody: Malcolm & Jayden

Malcolm returns this week and once again at Sean Cody a new model who has his first full on sex scene barely a week after his solo. And since this is the third week in a row it’s happened we can call this a trend. And if this trend continues at least for a while it may mean that the studio is casting towards the goal of building a larger roster. Of course it all depends on the new guys and how they work out. From his solo good-looking Malcolm demonstrated potential with his enthusiasm as well as nice body, hot cock and lots of cum. And for his first sex scene he’s paired with the very experienced Jayden. Does it all work out? Yes and no.

After the introduction at the beach Malcolm and Jayden get down to business…and just a little too fast. There’s just not enough foreplay here: a little kissing and Malcolm rimming Jayden before he bends him over and fucks him. Malcolm was a little nervous in his solo (his first time on camera) so a little more foreplay and working up to the sex part here might have made this less awkward to start.

Malcolm and Jayden get better as the scene moves along and as they fuck in several positions.  Jayden bottoms well (as usual ) and Malcolm fucks the cum out of him. And in spite of this being his first time and the slight awkwardness Malcolm has a hot cumshot that’s almost hands free as he pulls out of Jayden. And they both seem pretty happy with themselves and each other at the end.

Round two takes place in the shower in the shower and it features lots more kissing and foreplay. Had the shower been one first it would have worked out better. Then again by the time they take a shower together they’re much more comfortable with each other. Malcolm again fucks Jayden from behind and Jayden cums big on the shower glass. Malcolm cleans his cock and then gives Jayden a big facial. Again there are lots of satisfied smiles and happy guys. We recall in his solo that Malcolm mentioned a hot beach sex encounter he had so maybe he likes it better in non-bedroom circumstances. Stay tuned…


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