Hot House’s Blindfolded Finale!

 Hot House‘s Blindfolded comes to an end this week with Johnny V and Skyy Knox helping director Nick Fox show that sensuality, passion, kink and hardcore sex can be combined for maximum effect. Blindfolded has taken viewers on an interesting journey from the bedroom to the playroom and director Foxx brings it full circle with. Skyy Knox returns for the 4th scene in a reverse of his role from the first scene in which he was blindfolded and putting his trust in anonymous men.  Here he’s the “blindfolder” top asking Johnny V to trust him and put himself in Skyy’s control.

As with last week’s scene with Austin Wolf and Colton Grey we’re led to believe that Skyy and Johnny are a couple testing limits and taking their loving relationship to a different level. And like the movie overall it’s a study in contrasts. The first two scenes featured anonymous sex in a warm and intimate bedroom while the last two scenes feature loving couples in a cool, much starker playroom. Here in the finale there’s another twist. After a close-up of Skyy Knox and Johnny V kissing, Johnny puts himself in Skyy’s hand. Skyy blindfolds him, put him in a sling and begins to work on him. Kissing him while deeply finger-fucking his hole and sucking his cock is another example of the contrasts. Sky sucks him with loving passion but also finger fucks him hard.

Most of the first half of this scene is Skyy Knox working over the perfect ass of Johnny V who is increasingly vocal as Sky’s mouth, tongue and fingers reach their desired target. After considerable build-up Skyy finally fucks Johnny and does so in a way we weren’t expecting…and possibly that Johnny wasn’t expecting either. Skyy pounds him hard, deep and rough and punches his chest…it’s a total reversal of the power bottom role associated with him since his relatively new career began. And you probably never expected to hear what Johnny yells at him, “you fucker!”

Skyy Knox‘s rough treatment of Johnny V doesn’t let up. In fact, he kicks it up a notch. Skyy takes muscled bottom up out of the sling and puts a ball gag on him and then forces Johnny to bend over and grab the sling.  He fucks him hard again punches his taut, brawny back and slaps his ass. And at one point while Skyy fucks Johnny like a jackhammer he grabs him by the neck. Regardless of whether or not Johnny is aware that Skyy’s actions were planned, the blindfold and partial sensory deprivation adds an element to Johnny certainly heightens his other senses…as well as the sexual feelings.

As the scene reaches its conclusion Skyy Knox thrusts in deep while holding Johnny V by his harness. If all this indeed heightens sexual pleasure Johnny offers up proof by shooting a HUGE load that keeps on going as Skyy fucks him. When he’s finished milking out every drop Skyy Knox pulls him up, turns him around and puts him on his knees as he jerks off and gives the blindfolded Johnny a semi-unexpected facial. With his aggression dissipated Skyy takes off Johnny’s ball gag and blindfold and kisses him. Definitely no animosity here. When Skyy asks him if he liked it, Johnny responds with a “fuck yeah.” Totally wild and very hot.

Next week Hot House begins Overpowered with Austin Wolf power topping Rex Cameron in his return to porn. It looks really good and from Rex’s tweets when filming he REALLY like it too. Stay tuned…

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