Hot House’s Overpowered Part 3

Dakota Rivers is the sugar daddy and Gabriel Cross his house boy as Overpowered takes a major turn this week at Hot House! Director Nick Cross moves the movie’s setting out of the auto shop and into living room where the two characters aren’t exactly enjoying domestic bliss. The theme of hot men overpowering and dominating other hot guys remains the same but the shift in the setting half-way through the movie is a bit of a surprise. Actually if you’ve been following the director Foxx’s work lately he’s been doing this frequently in his movies..changing things up and moving the stories into unexpected directions.

This new scene is also notable for the appearance of Dakota Rivers in his first Hot House movie in almost EIGHT years. In fact until this year Dakota hadn’t appeared in porn since 2011.  He’s still the tall, dynamic top and though  playing the “daddy” role here you’ll clearly see he does NOT have a “dad bod”. In the scene he walks in to find Gabriel Cross watching TV and even though he’s described as “a house boy whose only job is to make his sugar daddy happy”, clearly Dakota is not. It turns out Gabriel has been spending like a drunken sailor. After angrily chastising Gabriel, Dakota pulls him to his crotch for sexual subservience.

Gabriel Cross soon has a mouthful of cock and although Dakota Rivers was a mad daddy he’s toned it down just to be dominant. He face fucks Gabriel and the hunky UK bottom takes Dakota’s long cock deep into his throat, gagging on it. But from the way it looks Dakota expects this subservience, not really forcing himself on Gabriel. And Gabriel is obviously turned on as he’s pulled out his thick cock to stroke it as he sucks Dakota. Dakota holds his head as he thrusts his cock but doesn’t slap him or even get verbally abusive. In fact when it seems that Dakota is satisfied with Gabriel’s dutiful cocksucking he stands him up and gives him a very loving kiss. And by the way the height difference adds to this dynamic.

After Gabriel Cross gets on top of the sofa and bends over, Dakota Rivers rims him …and in a most thorough manner. Gabriel has to spread his legs apart arguably more than many other guys because of his full bubble butt. And he certainly CAN spread his legs with the gymnastic flexibility he’s demonstrated in many on scenes. If  a rimming scene can be considered to have passion, this one sure comes close to achieving it. Dakota then moves to fucking Gabriel from behind and taking full control.

As we mentioned Dakota Rivers is not an obvious power top, but it becomes clearer as the fucking goes on. He’s not a brute, but is relentless in fucking Gabriel Cross and making him moan and whimper with cock buried deep inside him. This goes on for a while before Dakota sits on the sofa and Gabriel climbs aboard to ride his cock. He faces Dakota as he does and there’s such an intense look in Dakota’s eyes as Gabriel bounces up and down on his cock as he thrusts it in. Even when Gabriel turns around and moans loudly as he rides him that look on Dakota’s face is riveting.

A scene that ends with both stars having visually hot orgasms isn’t a given but here that’s exactly the story. While Gabriel rides Dakota he erupts in a cumshot that splatters on Dakota’s thigh.  Gabriel Cross then turns around and licks Dakota’s balls as he lies back and strokes his towering cock.  Dakota Rivers then delivers a cumshot even more impressive that Gabriel’s. It’s a real geyser that shoots up and lands on Gabriel’s forehead and on his face and on Dakota’s torso. Dakota is still shaking slightly as Gabriel licks up the cum and kisses his hot daddy.  We recall Dakota Rivers as being hot in many scenes but this is quite powerful.

Next week it’s a muscle fest with Austin Wolf dominating roommate Sean Zevran! Don’t miss it!

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