Cocky Boys: Alex Mecum & Jacen Zhu!

Cocky Boys delivers so many great match-ups but very often it’s the unexpectedly perfect ones that really stand out. That’s the case with Alex Mecum and new exclusive Jacen Zhu.  Of course they’re exceptionally attractive guys , both with personalities that make us want to get to known them. As we learn in just the first few seconds these personalities mesh very well. And, as with any good match-up Alex and Jacen are attracted to each other in a sweet, but “I can’t wait to have sex with you” kind of way. And we couldn’t wait to watch this either.

Jacen Zhu is so handsome and utterly charming and witty that he makes Alex Mecum smile very broadly as he holds him on his lap.  They trade compliments galore about their personalities and physical qualities but really you could turn the sound off and be able to tell right away these two are taken with each other. As it turns out they’e on the sane page as to the type of sex they want to have: passionate and lively but not rough…and definitely romantic. You can see this from the moment they start kissing.

Alex Mecum indeed turns on his romantic prowess kissing and holding Jacen Zhu in his arms before he undresses him and goes down on him. Alex even sucks cock in a romantic fashion if that makes sense. Also we get the impression that these two are so into each other that they might have blocked out the fact they’re being filmed. Of course that’s not really the case but it’s part of the fantasy. Jacen eventually gets his turn to suck Alex as the taller and hairier stud sits back in the chair. Alex’s expressions and body language say it all: Jacen is good at sucking cock.

Another thing we like about this scene in that Alex and Jacen don’t just go non-stop having sex. There are interludes when they break up the action with some real affection. For example, while he gets sucked off, Alex Mecum plays with Jacen’s ass and it looks like he’s going to go right to fucking him. But Jacen Zhu rises up and kisses Alex. He goes back down on him but returns to kissing him again. This time Alex picks him up and holds him up for more kissing before lying Jacen back in the chair to kiss him and rim him. And just as Alex’s expressions told us Jacen is a great cocksucker, Jacen’s face tells us Alex is pressing HIS buttons.

Before Alex Mecum finally fucks Jacen Zhu he flips him over in the chair and teases him with his hard cock. Watching his erect shaft sliding along Jacen’s crack as he humps him is just classic. Alex slides into Jacen and fucks him deep. If these guys simply finished the scene in this position the whole scene would be totally satisfying. BUT, they go on and make even more memorable moments. Alex picks up Jacen with his cock inside him and places him on top of the bed to continue. That’s hot enough but the way Jacen spreads positions his body on the bed just adds to it.

Again if the scene ended with Jacen’s legs spread as they are, with his butt tilted up as Alex fucked and kissed him this would be a hot finale. But they keep going. With the intensity level already cranked up it appears that Alex Mecum taps Jacen’s spot making him gasp for air. Jacen Zhu turns on his side and Alex goes deeper as they keep kissing. Once more it good end just like this and it would be awesome. BUT, they continue.

Alex winds up turning Jacen on his back to fuck him, changing their positions slightly as they strike a kind of final momentum. Their eyes are fixed on each other and again it seems like they’re in their own world. Alex Mecum fucks a huge load out of Jacen Zhu and rises up to shoot one of his typical massive cumshots, a erupting geyser that lands all over Jacen. Talkj about a release. Jacen is visibly impressed and his smile and slight post-sex chuickle is infectious. They look SO happy at the end we could definitely see them getting together again off-camera. Wishful thinking we know. But believable just the same.

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