Sean Cody In Puerto Rico Day 4

We were going to wrap up our review of Sean Cody‘s big series shot on location in Puerto Rico with one post,but each of the last two parts of the series deserve their own posts. In general this has been a successful series. We all know how being on vacation in a new place can be liberating as well as fun. So this trip to Puerto Rico was a chance for viewers to get to know the models better and perhaps see them in a different light. There are also a number of surprises to be found in the last two days of this series., not the least of which are three models joining the fun.

For Day 4 Sean Cody says, “There’s something about a place like Puerto Rico that just brings out your wild side…”  We’ve seen this already in Brysen and Manny in their uninhibited ways back in San Diego as well as here in Puerto Rico. You could say the same for the new guys joining the series: Jayden, who is more subtle in his style, and Daniel, who is decidedly NOT subtle. With this line-up you might be able to figure out what happens here, BUT you’d be wrong.

It’s another blustery, partly cloudy day on the beach but this isn’t any deterrent to the joyful enthusiasm to be found here. Brysen in particular is one to watch. He’s been such an asset to Sean Cody we hope he’s around for a long time. He’s joined by Manny and Jayden and the energetic trio get naked, frolic on the sand and in the water and go right into the action. Right by the shore Jayden is put into a standing spit roast: sucking Manny while fucked by Brysen. The clouds create some strange visual effects and though the waves get closer to them they keep on going.

This first configuration is hot but it’s followed by another which is just as hot. Brysen is in the middle, first getting sucked and rimmed simultaneously and then tag-sucked by the guys. Brysen goes back to power-fucked Jayden and then Manny gets in the middle for his spit-roasting. Brysen isn’t just uninhibited. He’s a wild man as he fucks Manny. This is followed by a fuck train in which Jayden is in the middle. AND they keep changing it up. Brysen is virtually non-stop, taking turns fucking Jayden and Manny, both on all fours. They start kissing again but they leave the shore for yet another set-up.

Just a few feet away is a makeshift cabana (looking like one of the shelters from Survivor) with a bed and a hammock. Of course they use the hammock as sling. Brysen fucks Jayden and then Manny, both times with seemingly unquenchable energy. As you might expect Brysen has quite an intense orgasm after quite a build-up. He cums all over Manny and once Brysen is done, Jayden takes his place to fuck Manny. It’s a rarity for Jayden to top so take not of it. By the way Manny does not cum here, which is odd and this sort of is part of the “story” here.

This scene is only HALF-over and it takes another surprising turn. The cameras catch up with newly arrived Daniel driving his jeep around in search of the guys. He’s so horny though that he gets out of the car and jacks off! A solo is an odd segue for the storyline BUT this is Daniel who can even make a jerk-off scene intense. And he does. He cums all over himself, shooting a load that goes up his torso…and he’s standing up!

Daniel meets up with Brysen, Jayden, and Manny and after some chit-chatting they hike in the woods. Surprise!  Daniel suggests they fuck right there among the trees. Of course we know that this is all planned but still there’s a staged element here at first. Brysen fucks Manny up against one tree while Daniel fucks Jayden against another tree. Then the tops switch places for more intense fucking. They take a break from this fuckfest as the three guys get on their knees to triple-team Daniel’s cock. The sane thing happens to Brysen.

There;s a bit of a free-for-all that goes on in this fourgy. Manny gets fucked by Daniel and Jayden abd then Daniel and Brysen go back to fucking the two bottoms. Daniel has become the wild one here, talking loud and dirty and driving the action. Manny again gets used by the three guys in a variety of positions before they fuck him one-by- one and shoot their loads. Manny however has an entirely cum-free scene!

The behind-the-scenes stuff is a fun addition and isn’t overly long. And it turns out that one of the merry foursome likes a little kink. It’s he who suggests the hammock as a sling. Coming up: the last day with Brysen’s first-time bottoming at Sean Cody AND another update to out Top Model list.

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