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In this brief update on‘s releases this month we fill in some missing pieces from previous posts, add a review, and give you new info on some upcoming releases. In all likelihood we’ll have another spotlight on upcoming releases within the next few days that should take us through the end of June.

Last time we told you that the Marc MacNamara/Alter Sin series Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody was going to have an epic finish, but that’s not quite right. While series finales at usually are orgy scenes, in this case it isn’t true. There’s a part 4 to this series coming up and while it isn’t an orgy it’s an epic fuckfest with Diego Sans and Paddy O’Brian. More on that in a bit.

 To recap, Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody started off with lone pirate Diego Sans unsuccessfully trying to take over a ship helmed by captain Paddy O’Brian, first officer Gabriel Cross and crew member Johnny Rapid. While in the brig guarded by Johnny, Diego notices a medallion around Johnny’s neck made from a doubloon. In addition to seducing him in a very hot sex scene, Diego tells Johnny that other pirates are planning a raid on this ship and Diego convinces Johnny to join him in escaping before than happens. The next morning they jump overboard  with Paddy urging Gabriel not to shoot..they need Johnny alive.

In part 2 Paddy and Gabriel steer their ship in proximity to the only island nearby to where Paddy is sure that Diego and Johnny have swum. Because the water is shallow Paddy swims to ashore alone in search of the the escaped men. Before he gets very far he’s pursued by some of the natives including Colton Grey who has a particular interest in him.  Paddy almost escapes but Colton prevails with the tip of his spear. He wants Paddy and gets him in as VERY hot suck and fuck fest on the rocky shore of a hidden cove. Once he satisfies Colton, Paddy calls out to Gabriel to come to shore.

This weekend released the third part of Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody which as we mentioned above we thought was the finale. With Diego Sans and Johnny Rapid (along with fellow pirates Jimmy Durano and Teddy Torres ) sitting around a campfire on the island, Diego Sans begins to tell Johnny Rapid the secret of pirate’s treasure buddies. He doesn’t get very far however before Gabriel Cross and Paddy O’Brian recapture Johnny. The next day Gabriel taunts the captive Johnny while pirates Jimmy Durano and Teddy Torres swim out to try and take over the ship.

Apparently the pirates in this series are an incompetent lot because they’re all captured by Gabriel and chained to the mast. The pirates are also super-sexy and horny and have a way to seduce Gabriel Cross. Gabriel thinks he’s in charge and sets the pirates free to have a fourgy on the deck. It’s a another very hot scene and very well done…not so easy to pull off on the high seas. Of course Gabriel has been duped and after being fucked the bottom lies back spent while his pirate captives jump overboard once again.

Meanwhile Paddy is still on the island with a captured Diego, who seems to be in a constant state of drunken stupor. Marc MacNamara and Alter Sin hold off revealing the mystery of the pirate treasure although there is one twist here: Diego thinks that Paddy is actually a pirate impersonating a British officer! At the same time naked trio Johnny Rapid, Jimmy Durano and Teddy Torres reach the island and they’re ready for MORE sex. Johnny gets used ad fucked by both guys and then Jimmy finishes him off in a pretty impressive sequence. So, even if the story means nothing to you the sex is HOT!

Coming late this week is the conclusion to Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody. In addition to Diego Sans figuring out that Paddy O’Brian is a pirate and associated with the mysterious “pirate queen” the two guys have combined what they know to retrieve the treasure. To celebrate, they have sex in the picturesque setting and Diego tops Paddy in spectacular style. But what about the treasure? It looks like Diego escapes Paddy and is reunited with his pirate band get it. Stay tuned…

Also new is a stand-alone scene “Coffee Time” with Cliff Jensen, Damien Kyle, & Myles Landon. The story here isn’t exactly clear but these three guys live together. One morning Myles is busy on his computer while Damien and Cliff are trying to have sex without his knowing about it. Of course since these two horny guys aren’t that furtive they’re discovered. But that’s okay with Myles who joins in to tag- team Damien.

Also new this week was the first part of Hide And Seek with TWO new muscled-up exclusives: William and Ryan Bones. They’re two “bros” who live next door to newcomer twink Zack Hunter . In part one the two shirtless studs leave their house to go play basketball and Zach follows as he leaves his house the same time. After watching them play for a bit Zach gets the idea to break into their house and sniff their underwear! The guys come home early and Zack hides under the bed when Ryan enters his bedroom.

Zack must have wanted to get caught because when Ryan Bones slips out of his underwear and shorts to lie on his bed to jack off, Zack just can’t sit still. He grabs Ryan’s underwear and sniff it as he jerks off. Zack sneezes, gets caught and fucked hard by Ryan. After the muscle stud gives Zack a facial he drags him to roommate William Seed‘s room and hands him over so he can have his way with him.

Coming up in part 2 of Hide And Seek there’s the expected topping of Zack Hunter by William Seed.  And what a mountain a perfect muscle he is. In addition to a spectacular body he’s also got chiseled good looks.  From what we’ve seen it’s clear William looks great from every angle. There’s also a huge twist here. Once William fucks Zack he shoves him out the door but when he goes to his closet William discovers a NEW peeping tom: Will Braun!This second neighbor gets the same treatment: down on his knees for a BJ and fucked by the muscle man!

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