Bel Ami’s Summer Break Begins

This week Bel Ami‘s huge new series Summer Break continues with a couple of guys fairly new to the studio and to viewers: Justin Saradon and Phil Jarreau. As you might have guessed they’re featured more prominently at Freshmen, the spin-off site devoted to the newer, younger performers who eventually make it to Bel Ami. They both look like they’re ready to “graduate” to the main site or at least they look close to it. The studio thinks so to have invited them to the “castle” where Summer Break is filmed.

“For our 2nd ‘Summer Break’ scene, Justin Saradon and Phil Jarreau are visiting one of Luke’s sets to see if they can pick up a few pointers from the old pros. It does not take them long to decide that they can probably do just as well all by themselves, so head off to find somewhere private in the Chateau.

“Justin, as the more experienced of the two, definitely takes the lead in this scene and Phil shows that he is indeed a quick learner when comes to sex. As a little aside, who can guess who the 2 ‘old pros’ are that Luke was filming in the beginning of the scene? Next week we are back with Helmut, Jerome and Jean-Luc.”

As the description says Justin Saradon and Phil Jarreau are watching another scene before they go back to their room to “practice”. These guys may lack the finesse that the “old pros” have but you can argue that this translates into fresher performances. The awkwardness you often see in newbies is barely there. Will these two return for more scenes during the series? Stay tuned…

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