New Faces For June 2017 Part 2

For the first time in weeks there’s a return to familiar territory in our newcomer spotlight as the three main sites we highlight ALL have new faces to share. And for the most part this week’s trio are intriguing to warrant more appearances at their respective sites. And though this week Next Door Studios isn’t part of the mix it looks like they will be in the weeks ahead with several fresh faces.

Casper at Sean Cody. With all the activity here the past couple weeks with the Puerto Rico getaway, this solo will seem tame by comparison. And blond Casper doesn’t offer much in the way of background info. That said he apparently has been interested in being on camera for some time. There’s a little nervousness to him but we prefer that top someone who is TOO sure of himself.

Smooth, blond and proudly uncut Casper is a bit of a grower too. Another plus. In his two jack off sessions he does a little moaning and groaning and combined with his lack of much chit-chat we’re unsure if we’ll see him again. But we’ve been surprised before and he does seem to have that willingness. Stay tuned.

Ivan at Corbin Fisher.  You don’t see many hairy guys here or for that matter guys who come in well-dressed. Ivan’s stills will deceive you into thinking he’s a a tough straight guy. And though he plays sports, including rugby Ivan has a more easy-going demeanor. In fact he pretty much talks at a calm pace and has an interest in books Yet, Corbin Fisher says, “If it was up to him he’d started the video out naked and with a handful of dick..”

We’ll have to wait and see about Ivan but we get the feeling viewers with strong gaydar will have their ideas…even if Ivan doesn’t. Abd eventually his eagerness to get off on camera pays off: “Holding off cumming for a few days have made Ivan’s balls plump and heavy, so we don’t hold him up too much. With his thick dick in hand Ivan enjoys himself and gets lost in the moment, completely forgetting about the camera right up until he comes to – on his back with a wet, hot, jizzy mess on his splattered across his abs!”

Jason Hillcrest at Chaos Men. We like seeing a new guy eager to get off and this week he’s here. Hairy, tattooed and pierced Jason is gay, into muscular uncut guys and as we learn really likes all kinds of hot guys. According to site owner Bryan, ” He likes rough, raunchy and dirty sex, so has very few limits He is completely versatile, and will just go with whatever the other guy wants when he is with him.” We imagine he could easily get quite a few fans as a result.

Jason is also a grower, or as Chaos Men describes it, an “amazing cock.” Also he has some prominent low hangers that Bryan says produce lots of precum. In his estimation, “Bottoms eagerly go ass-up for him, while Tops likely want to fuck his perfect hole.” Also, “He says he is best standing while he cums, so I got another opportunity to get us showered in cum. Jason will be back next week, and I am sure his oral skills and energy will be off the charts!”

As we mentioned at the top Next Door Studios has some new faces coming up, three so far, and a few familiar faces making return appearances that includes muscle stud Derek Bolt who in his second video is paired up with Markie More! Now THAT’s a team-up. Stay tuned for more info. Also coming up later this week Gay Hoopla says that Collin Simpson may have “met his match” in newcomer David Santos. A scene so hot that they say “This video is worth a membership alone.”

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