Cocky Boys: Enter Bruce LaBruce!

Our coming attractions update for Cocky Boys is a little different this time around thanks to some exciting news. Famed underground adult director Bruce LaBruce has directed a short film(s) in collaboration with Cocky Boys! The director is filming in Madrid, Spain with Allen King, Colby Keller, Calvin Banks and the newest exclusive Sean Ford! Director LaBruce has posted some pics on Instagram but details on the plot or if this collaboration will be more than one film is still unknown. We’ve posted some of the pics with the director’s captions and info we’ve gleaned from them. For example the top pic was shot before the shoot: ” Out for dinner with the Cockyboys in Madrid: Allen King, Calvin Banks, and Sean Ford. We start shooting tomorrow!”

Here’s Calvin Banks being miked, Bruce LaBruce calls him s “cutie pie” adding, “Pasolini would have loved Calvin Banks!”

As you can see Calvin Banks and Colby Keller are paired up as are Allen King and Sean Ford. Cocky Boys director/videographer/photographer RJ Sebastian is also on the set in Spain doing the behind-the-scenes footage for the collaboration.  Apparently it was hot temperature-wise too in Madrid.

Also Allen King posted some pics on Twitter of some off-camera time with Calvin Banks…

AND…Cocky Boys shot a scene with Allen and Andy Star. It will be on the website “soon”. As for the release of Bruce LaBruce’s film, we’ll keep you posted..


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