Cocky Boys: Coming Attractions

What does Cocky Boys have in store in the weeks ahead? For one thing there’s an early summer three-way which is as hot as the outdoor temperature. There’s also a scene with one of Cocky Boys‘ newest exclusives AND a Grabbys winner. There’s an aforementioned kinky scene. AND, there’s a new episode in one of the studio’s ” A Cocky Boy Is ______” series.

Taylor Reign Fucks Calvin Banks & Dillon Rossi. As we’ve noted before it just wouldn’t be summer at Cocky Boys without the return of Dillon Rossi. And he’s come back with the same fire as before. From what we know this three-way is NOT a typical three-way scene taking place inside and outside and in unexpected ways.

A CockyBoy Is…Featuring Frankie V.  The studio series spotlighting models in an up close and personal way continues with the inimitable Frankie V. Frankie is truly one-of-a- kind, changing his look and style many times. We’ll see what version will appear with his co-star Justin Brody.

Bondage Play with Josh Moore & Taylor Reign. Still no word on the release of this scene which finally gives Taylor his kinky fantasy. He’s said many times he likes to be manhandled by a bigger guy and this looks like Cocky Boys finally makes it happen.

Jacen Zhu & Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck. We don’t even have to know how this scene unfolds. It’s going to be a must-see pairing. Jacen has recently become an exclusive and he sure does fit in. We’ve seen he’s a true versatile performer so it makes sense he’s paired with Jack, this year’s multi-Grabbys winner. This will undoubtedly be hot..and fun!

Lastly, for more news check out yesterday’s post with news about a collaboration in Madrid with Director Bruce LaBruce. There will be even more news about this coming soon…


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