In June 2017 Part 4

As we reported yesterday the big news from during the last half of June is François Sagat coming out of retirement to appear in a new series Dream Fucker opposite Paddy O’Brian (details below). As of now we don’t know if François will be in the entire series or what else, if anything he’ll be doing but we’ll keep you posted. Of course there’s more coming up in June at There are two series ending, an anthology series continuing, many stand-alone scenes and some some very hot match-ups.

First up is the return of anthology series Peepers and in both the 7th and 8th episodes Johnny Rapid is featured…but in two opposite roles. In part 7 Leo Fuentes watches Noah Jones in the shower and then joins him for some passionate fun. Enter Johnny Rapid who discovers the guys going at it and starts recording them with his phone. They pull him into the shower and a wet ‘n’ wild three-way ensues.

In part 8 of Peepers it’s Dalton Briggs who not only spies on porn star Johnny Rapid he uses his camera phone to post a live video. Johnny finds out about it and so when Dalton sneaks into the house he finds Johnny jacking off waiting for him. Dalton is ordered to suck Johnny and winds up fucking the exclusive. On camera? Stay tuned…

The apocalyptic Dangerous Days also wraps up in the next couple week and the trailers from are fairly lacking in spoilers for this off-beat sex fantasy. At a makeshift medical facility doctors are trying to save the only female to survive a deadly disease. But they’re also turning to each other to satisfy their needs. In part 3 the woman’s life is still hanging in the balance but doctors Adam Ramzi and Alex Mecum seduce a couple of stressed out agents: Kurtis Wolfe and Julian Knowles in his studio debut. And a hot fourgy results.

In the conclusion of Dangerous Days we’re reacquainted with two soldiers Arad Winwin and Jonah Fontana who seem to be imprisoned for  some reason. And in their cell they too get it on. Kurtis Wolfe shows up (jailed as well?) and watches them and then gets gets fucked by both guys. What exactly is going on here remains a mystery but more importantly this looks like a very hot three-way.

As we mentioned there are a handful of stand-alone scenes mixed in among the series and in terms of match-ups they look to have real potential. The Gods of Men scene “Intensity” is perfectly named as it features Arad Winwin and Colby Keller. Arad has more of sensuous type of restrained passion is his scenes while Colby is quite the opposite. So they meet half-way here. Arad is on top once again so it looks like we’ll have to wait before he switches it up. OR he could be one of the few performers never to flip on screen.

In “Cum Smoothie” Ethan Slade makes a early morning smoothie before work and the blender wakes up roommate Jack Hunter...who is none to pleased by it. And though Ethan claims he has to be at work early he takes a call. When he steps away Jack gets a little revenge by jacking off in his smoothie. Turns out Ethan likes it…and wants more. So, an early morning fuck is in order and EVERYONE is happy!

“Dude, You’re Nude” features the return of Jay Austin, who last appeared several years ago. He’s still got that sexy/edgy nerd look and is VERY hot. He’s accidentally locked out of his room without any clothes and his roommate Noah Jones has to try and pick the lock. Jay’s dick gets in the way and Noah gets pissed off, purposely stripping down to slap Jay with his dick to “see how he likes “. Turns out Jay does and he goes down on Noah who in turn fucks him.

Hide And Seek has been kind of a wacky ride with several twists. So far muscle men bros Ryan Bones and William Seed have each had their way with the perv next door Zack Hunter and William has uncovered and fucked the other neighbor Will Braun . Now in the finale the muscle men tag team-and spit roast Will with no mercy. Not sure this is much of a punishment.

That brings us to the first part of Dream Lover.  As the trailer shows it’s a very surreal opening for the series and it appears that director Alter Sin has created something very different than what he’s done. François Sagat‘s whispering voice-over  (to Paddy O’Brian, we assume) sets it all up: “Everything is a lie. Everything is a dream”. The description says “Paddy O’Brian drifts off into dreamland and meets the man of his hottest fantasies: François Sagat. Francois treats Paddy passionately, the two studs working up a sweat until explosive release.”

Paddy O’Brian tops François Sagat in the scene and both men look fantastic. Also it appears that François steps back into a porn scene as though he’s never left. As for Paddy we continue to be impressed by his evolution as a performer and star. As we saw in a YouTube video a little over a week ago, this guy is a pro in every sense of the word. More on  Dream Lover soon.

The last three releases of the month are all stand-alone scenes, starting with “Getting A VJ”. This kinky but humorous scene features Jacob Peterson as a vacuum cleaner salesman who brazenly shows to potential customer Connor Maguire the sexual uses for the hose: sucking his cock. At first the married man is turned off by Jacob’s sexual advances but when his cock gets hard Connor fucks Jacob..all while the wife is in the next room.

In “Body Suits” Arad Winwin and Aspen catch each other’s eyes while working out at a local park. partly because of their hot bods and also because they’re both wearing ultra-tight, singlet style body suits. Arad invites Aspen back to his place and get a little kinky with their fetish-style outfits. There’s a little strategic ripping and Arad winds up fucking Aspen who’s still wearing his suit.

And, in “Mine Now, Sister” Alex Gray (in his debut) comes on to his sister’s beau Cliff Jensen while he’s trying to shower. With the sister out of the house Cliff is more than willing to let the eager Alex suck his cock and to fuck him in the bathroom before she gets back. Cliff sure is irresistible in his latest run at ! 

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