Titan Men’s Cum Laude Continues…

You’ll find real-life chemistry at Titan Men this week with Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana in the second scene from Cum Laude! Exclusive Lorenzo is a Chicago-based pup and on his Twitter profile he says “I am collared to two fantastic Sirs, Aleks Buldocek and Jonah Fontana. This is Jonah‘s first appearance at Titan Men and we think this might be the first onscreen pairing of this hot duo (we await correction on this). Here they’re two of the three college grads (the other being Jackson Grant) invited to the Palm Springs home of former professor Dirk Caber.

To recap, in the first scene Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana went off to the gym while Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant got it on by the pool.  Lorenzo and Jonah came back just in time to see the tail end of the poolside sex but remained semi-hidden in the bushes. It’s here where scene two picks up. While Dirk & Jackson continue Jonah gets frisky with Lorenzo, pulling down his shorts and teasing his muscular bubble butt with his cock. Soon Jonah signals Loenzo to join him on the other side of the wall in a secluded spot.

Lorenzo goes down on Jonah and gives him a great blowjob. We can say this because with their off-camera experience Lorenzo knows how Jonah likes it. You can say the same thing when Jonah Fontana stands up Lorenzo Flexx and kisses him with real romantic passion. Still they’re playing roles here as buddies crossing lines for the first time. Lorenzo goes back down on Jonah and they come up for kissing again before Jonah takes his turn and sucks off his buddy.

Jonah Fontana is so handsome he’s almost beautiful so it may be hard to imagine him as a top daddy. Fortunately his heavy scruff helps looks-wise and his actions here add a layer of intensity to the scene. As he sucks Lorenzo Flexx he reaches under his big balls and deep-fingers his hole. This makes Lorenzo react with quaking pain-pleasure. In case you hadn’t notice Lorenzo’s hole is VERY wired for pleasure. After more kissing Jonah bends over his buddy and rims him, jacking his cock at the same time.

Jonah fucks Lorenzo from behind and again gets quite a vivid vocal reaction from him. That Dirk and Jackson can’t hear him as he’s pounded is a surprise indeed. In fact every time they change positions Lorenzo Flexx loud, expressing himself very well. He rides Jonah Fontana as the top sits on the outdoor sofa and cries out as he’s fucked on his back. Jonah is hardly silent and he too lets it out fucking a thick and loud load out of Lorenzo and then cumming over him. In fact Jonah’s cum rockets up Lorenzo’s torso and hits him in the face.

At the end the satisfied studs kiss and find the time to discuss what they saw going on with the other two guys. And they set what’s going to happen in the next two scenes: each guy getting a new sex partner on their getaway.

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