Hot House’s Overpowered Finale

Austin Wolf and Sean Zevran are paired up for the first time in the all-muscle finale of Overpowered, this week at Hot House ! Actually these two have been in a scene together before but not as Falcon exclusives. You’d have to go back almost 4 years to their days as Randy Blue exclusives in Welcome To LA: Silverlake. Even so it was a three-way with Romeo Alfonso so this scene still remains their first time as as duo. And they’re not exactly a romantic pair here in this scene.

In the scene Austin Wolf comes home to shower before going out and while he’s there his roommate Sean Zevran sneaks into the bedroom to nab some cash from his drawer. Naughty Sean is also a perv because he grabs Austin’s jock, takes a whiff and pockets it! Sean isn’t exactly very stealthy because he gets caught by Austin who unsurprisingly isn’t too pleased by Sean’s thievery. Austin grabs him, puts him on his knees and whips off his towel to feed Sean his cock.


Sean Zevran doesn’t put up a fight and sucks away as Austin plays with his nipples. Sean doesn’t even have to be ordered about…he automatically gives some deep-throat action, much to Austin’s satisfaction. So for the moment anyway, good head takes priority over this transgression. It doesn’t mean that Austin wants to let things go entirely. He brings Sean to his feet and gives him a commanding kiss before pushing him back on the bed. He pulls off Sean’s shorts and goes right to rimming and working his hole.

It appears that Austin isn’t exactly punishing his roommate because Sean looks like he’s enjoying the semi-aggressive ass-play combined with cock-sucking. If Austin Wolf is doing any overpowering is hasn’t happened yet. He takes his own sweet time playing with Sean’s hole and sucking him before turning him over, stripping off his remaining clothes, and rimming him some more. You could say by riming him at length and teasing Sean Zevran with his cock Austin is torturing him.

Finally Austin fucks Sean on all fours . although not in a rough manner. In fact after a little while Sean really works his ass on Austin’s cock. As fans know Sean’s beautiful muscle butt can dominate a scene so it’s no wonder then that director Nick Foxx gives viewers some great shots of it…including lots of overhead views. As Sean works his ass Austin finally takes things to a more dominant level …in keeping with the Overpowered theme. He puts Sean into positions that gives him more control. And that includes pinning Sean to the bed with Austin’s large frame virtually engulfing his body.

 Austin Wolf really pounds away at the moaning Sean Zevran who really is not much louder than Austin. He finally gets Sean on his back and keeps pumping until the semi-hairy bottom starts to spew a thick load. As Austin continues to fuck Sean milks his cock dry and Austin expresses some noticeable vocal approval. In short it’s a real turn-on for Austin. He takes Sean’s still sensitive cock in his hand plays with it and the sticky tip and then jacks his cock. He reaches an intense full body orgasm and his cum spurts on top of Sean’s cock. Austin is known for his shuddering orgasms and delivers here again.

At the end the indignant Austin Wolf emerges again and he kicks Sean Zevran out of his bedroom…but not before retrieving his belongings expressing a fair amount of incredulity that his roommate had the audacity to steal money as well as his jock strap. Not exactly the full-dom Overpowered finale you might have expected but as really good Hot House scene.

Next week Sean Zevran is back in the first scene from the new sequel The Trainer: No Excuses! His scene partner: Skyy Knox!! Stay tuned…

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