Sean Cody: Conrad & Shaw

This week Sean Cody brought back Conrad, a handsome, guy-next-door type who we thought was a good fit for the studio when he introduced in April. At the same time we didn’t get any vibe that he would definitely return because he was non-committal about it. And though he claimed to like eating ass he wasn’t specific about the genders of his sexual experiences.  But here he is, paired up with handsome, ever-smiling muscle stud Shaw. They have THREE rounds of sex after which Conrad REALLY seems very happy with himself. AND Shaw does too. Do they have reason to be?

In the ocean view intro Conrad does seem to be into Shaw‘s bod and both look ready to go, especially after Shaw passes Conrad’s “good kisser” test. Back at the house they kiss some more. For this we’ll give these guys credit for keeping this up during the scene. Like Conrad we always think this is an important factor for a scene. As for the ass-eating Conrad claims to love, he only does it a little bit at the beginning. We know he likes the look of Shaw’s ass BUT maybe he prefers a smooth hole. Just a thought.

That said he LOVES to fuck, which is good. He takes Shaw on his back and jacks him often while fucking him. And he has a very lively cumming style. At the end of round one Conrad is beaming proudly, slicked up with sweat and euphoric. Even Shaw looks happy to have provided Conrad with a hot ass to fuck. We’re still not sure that they make the best pair, in spite of the fact that they get along very well.

In round two Conrad fucks Shaw doggie style and gets into some sideways action. Again Conrad seems to gravitate towards jacking off Shaw as he fucks him so this leads us to thinking he might be more gay than we first thought. Also as the video progresses Conrad gets more comfortable getting vocal AND verbal with Shaw. Again, after Conrad shoots he really looks absolutely delighted!

For round three Conrad straddles Shaw and face fucks him then fucks him on his stomach and doggie style. By this round it’s pretty clear that Conrad has totally loosened up. Shaw really makes him feel at home too. And once more at the end they’re both beaming proudly. To answer the question, they do have reason to look proud. (We’re not so sure Sean Cody should be though because the camera work here is a little messy). For a first-timer Conrad lets loose faster than many other newcomers. And he has a joy about him that we find appealing. We really like Shaw physically and personality-wise and think he needs more energetic guys like Conrad. Stay tuned…

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