Cocky Boys: A CockyBoy Is ______ With Frankie V!

This week Frankie V returns to Cocky Boys for a VERY special video, the newest episode in the website’s A CockyBoy Is ____  series! As you’ll learn in the introduction Frankie took some time off for himself, both physically and creatively, and returns with noticeable self-confidence. Thus, for Frankie V, the “A CockyBoy is  Empowered “.  He’s paired with Justin Brody who turns out to be a well-chosen match. And once again we find there’s more than meets the eye with this seemingly laid back stud. In addition, Frankie’s return coincides with Cocky Boys Summer Sale! The site is offering 50% off ALL membership levels… a perfect time to join the site if you aren’t already a member.

Perhaps because Frankie V has become “empowered” he sees something in Justin Brody and bring it out like never before. Of course Frankie finds Justin physically attractive but there’s also his presence. On one hand Justin is someone who has a laid back nature, someone who can put you at ease. But Frankie also sees the dominant side of Justin, someone who has the “look” that says he means business. We’ve seen this before at Cocky Boys but this time Justin Brody takes it up a notch.  He can be a man of few words but here that is NOT the case.

RJ Sebastian, who shot and directed “A CockyBoy is  Empowered “, creates some remarkably tangible sexual tension simply by the placement of the guys in the scene. In the beginning and in other places  Frankie and Justin intimately interact with each other but are physically separated. They sit across from each other playing with their hard cocks and Justin giving him “the look”. When he stands up and goes over to Frankie , he teasingly kisses him but really his dominance is strikingly verbal. Justin is also into saliva, of which he produces a lot! If this isn’t your thing, be prepared. He has a very heavy cascading drool over Frankie’s cock as the returning Cockyboys jack off.

When he finally gives his cock over to Frankie to suck, Justin strikes a commanding tone in his sex talk. As we said Justin has been soft-spoken before but there’s no question he’s opening up a great deal here. He keeps up the dominant dirty talk as he lies back on the bed as Frankie services him. Even when he sucks Frankie, Justin keeps the dominant demeanor, holding Frankie by the throat and later when he brings him in for a deep kiss. Through it all Frankie V is dutiful to him. And yes, this IS very much in keeping with the “empowered” theme.

Justin tells Frankie to put his as in the air for him and on the bed he does just that with perfect flexibility. Frankie makes it look easy when we know that it sure isn’t. Justin Brody rims him thoroughly combining dome deep-throat action along with it. It almost looks like he’s talking directly to the hole at one point when asking Frankie if he’s ready for some dick. When he puts Frankie on his back it looks like Justin is going to fuck him BUT he tells him to play with his hole as goes back to sit on the chair. Justin becomes a director of a private show and Frankie the performer doing what he’s told. It’s intensely hot.

Justin finally fucks Frankie but not in the way we would have expected. He orders him to sit on his cock. With his feet firm planted on each of Justin’s thighs Frankie works his hole on his cock. It’s wildly as he goes on it gets even hotter. Frankie uses his limber body for to fuck Justin’s cock..and Justin is mighty pleased. The “good boy!” he utters sure doesn’t seem like an act.

Justin finishes off Frankie on top of the bed, fucking him on his back steadily and deeply. The only break from the deep fucking is when he positions Frankie and side-fucks him and again when he pulls out to cum all over his crotch. Justin Brody may have shot his load but he’s right there to finger fuck Frankie V until he shoots a mini-geyser.Now THIS is a welcome back scene!



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