Guys In Sweatpants: Austin & Dante!

The newest release from Guys In Sweatpants is further proof that the site has made a very strong back after its hiatus, and in many ways it’s better than ever. This week site owner and star Austin Wilde is back in front of the camera with Dante Colle, the former Corbin Fisher model who recently decided to return to porn through Guys In Sweatpants. Dante was in one of the first new videos at GiSP so it makes good sense he would be in a scene with Austin on his return. It turns out to be a perfect decision because Austin and Dante make a very dynamic pair flip-fucking (Austin’s first time on the bottom in a long time).

There are two things that are immediately striking when the video begins. The first thing is a technical improvement for Guys In Sweatpants: a bigger video player. This is a big deal that really makes a difference..especially in the way this scene opens.  Austin Wilde and Dante Colle are at Black’s Beach in San Diego having fun together and the scenery just wouldn’t look as good on a smaller player. AND, this larger size makes much more vivid the apparently camaraderie and chemistry between the two guys. As Dante later admits, his first time on a nude beach is liberating.

There’s also a coin toss (performed twice) which is meant to determine the direction of the sex. In his mind Austin has already determined this should be a flip-fuck scene …the question is who will go first. After some kissing …which indicates that the sexual chemistry is very real…Dante Colle goes down on Austin Wilde. We really prefer seeing cocks grow bigger and harder as opposed to popping out of shorts fully grown and that’s what you get here. Passionate kissing is the segue between the cock sucking, which is carried on with genuine enthusiasm.

Another reason for this being a very strong scene is that it unfolds in a perfectly natural way or at the very lease tit appears that way. After sucking off Dante, Austin rims him thoroughly and takes his time to relish the experience. In bed Dante reciprocates the same way. The video is almost halfway done when Dante starts fucking Austin but you probably won’t even realize it.Dante Colle fucks Austin Wilde on his back but he takes it slow and it again gives the scene a natural quality. They pick up the pace but they’re working together.

Eventually it feels like they’e in perfect sync as Dante fucks Austin on his side and back in a missionary position before Austin takes command. He fucks Dante on his side and this is the position where they wind up. Austin fucks the cum out of Dante and then pulls out to deliver a big ol’ money shot: lots of thick cum. THIS is what we love seeing from Austin Wilde. And we hope that he pops up more than time to time at Guys In Sweatpants. Eve if there are hot guys now and very likely more to come here, Austin will always be a big draw.

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