Bel Ami’s Summer Break 3…And More!

Bel Ami‘s Summer Break series continues this week with a VERY hot three-way and in addition there’s a pairing which the studio says is a good example of how they make so many of their videos work.


SUMMER BREAK 3: With Helmut Huxley, Jean-Luc Bisset and Jerome Exupery. “Marty Stevens turns the tables on our 3 beauties today, letting them decide on the opening for their scene together. Jerome’s idea is that Jean-Luc can catch a magical fish that will allow him to wish for 2 sexy lovers.

“Helmut is more practical, casting Jean-Luc as the hot gardener, while Jean-Luc himself just wants to get fucked hard by 2 hot guys… I think you can guess whose idea won the day. Without further ado, here is Jean-Luc getting fucked by our 2 Czech BFFs…”

Side note:  According to the newsletter Bel Ami says that the guys here are “hot topics over on our forum”. Maybe we’ll find out more next week. Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery will be in New York next week at the first Str8UPGayPorn Awards on Thursday July 22. Maybe Zach Sire will get an interview with them.

Bel Ami has a scene reminiscent of Dirty Rascals, the Naked Sword collaboration not so long ago (also filmed at the castle). The outdoor bed, the greenery and the utterly sensual and semi-romantic feel of this is pure Bel Ami.


TAKE IT ALL: With Roald Ekberg and Tim Campbell. “2 of our more experienced guys are the subject of today’s update, Tim Campbell and Roald Ekberg. This scene is one of the best examples of how to go from mild to wild during love making. Start off slow and tend and let the energy build naturally until reaching an explosive climax.

“One of the luckiest things about our models choosing to stay with us for so long is the relationships that they build with each other, and subsequently what we are able to try and bring to you on camera. Roald and Tim show it to us here best.”

In spite of Roald’s distracting haircut The chemistry here IS very vivid, that’s undeniable and it’s good to know the reason according to Bel Ami.  We’ve noticed this same thing at other studios where the models are around a long time. Something for fans to take into consideration when critiquing sites with prolific stars.

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