Sean Cody: Frankie & Joey!

The word “epic” can be thrown around a lot in describing a scene but this week Sean Cody can rightfully claim that description with the newest pairing of Frankie and Joey. It’s one of those match-ups of guys with lots of sexual energy, not there to outdo each other but to work together. And do they ever, bringing every ounce of stamina they have. At the risk of over-hyping this scene it exceeds expectations.

Although Joey and Frankie had heard about each other this was their first time meeting and they were excited about their scene, each in their own way  They break the remaining ice with a little seaside wrestling that’s cute and hot with Joey putting on a little bro-type “gun show”. Back in the studio Frankie quickly cuts Joey down to size with his aggressive ways. After kissing Joey is sucking Frankie and soon enough he’s on his back on top of the coffee table, getting rimmed and fucked.

As we said these guys are all in and for Frankie that means fucking the much bigger Joey relentlessly. He actually gets on the table and practically uses his whole body fucking him. They move over to the sofa for one of Joey’s “go-to” positions, a reverse-cowboy on Frankie’s cock.  His thick veiny muscle legs get a good spotlight too. This position works again with Frankie pounding a load out of Joey and the verbal Frankie comes almost immediately after.

Rest time? Oh no. As soon as Joey “dismounts” he’s bent over of the sofa and fucked doggie style.  Frankie continues to pound away and Joey loves it. He uses his muscular ass to thrust back on Frankie. Here’s what we mean by their working together. The fucking is broken up with Joey sucking Frankie but soon Joey is on his back with Frankie doing push-up fucking on him. Remember the cameras haven’t stopped since they were on the coffee table! Frankie pounds ANOTHER load out of Joey and then cums again too. And you know what? Frankie still can’t stop fucking abd manhandling Joey. It’s only because the director tells them to take a break that they do.

Up in the bedroom later they’re back at it, kissing and sucking. Frankie gets Joey into a hot, semi-submissive position of lying on the bed as Frankie aggressively feeds him cock but soon they’re into a hot 69. We assume they’re trying to show that Frankie isn’t just about fucking but after all it’s what he does best. And he does get to it, fucking another load out of Joey in his usual verbal style. Frankie pulls out for not one but TWO intense orgasms!  He shoots a load over Joey’s hole and then keeps jacking off till he shoots again!

There’s a BTS epilogue that illustrates just how much energy Frankie expends here and how much he earned (according to Joey) his hot ass. By the way, this looks like it was shot a while ago at a former shoot house which begs the question: why was Sean Cody sitting on this? Also, this week’s scene may a little dent on our Sean Cody Top Model List! Now Joey is just below Jess, who along with Brandon, hasn’t been paired. Shaw also gains in his tally although like Joey doesn’t rise in the ranks this week. Stay tuned..

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (38)
4. Randy  (35)
4. Brodie (35)
6. Blake (34)
6. Jess (33)
8. Joey (32)
9. Jarek (29)
10. Sean (27)
10. Porter (27)
12. Jamie (26)
13. Dean (25)
14. Lane (24)
14. Calvin (24)
14. Landon (24)
14. Jayden (24)
14. Daniel (24)
19. Dennis (23)
20. Jordan (22)
21. David (21)
21. Pavel (21)
21. Harley (21)
24. Liev (20)
24. Pete (20)
24. Jake (20)
27. Kurt (19)
28. Jack (19)
29. Manny (18)
30. Shaw (17)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)

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