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As part of a follow-up reminder to the Mormon Boyz membership sale which ends on Tuesday June 20 we take another look with a revised site review. As we told you a couple days ago the membership sale monthly rate is only $17.87, reduced from the regular rate of $27.95! Abd we’ve been told that if you use the provided link you’ll keep that low rate as long as you remain a member. A really good deal!

Mormon Boyz is indeed a unique site, tailored to a specific fantasy but featuring guys, match-ups, and scene with wide appeal.  In general Mormon Boyz is for those who have fantasized about those cute, clean-cut Mormon missionaries and their secret sexual desires. The theme has been touched on in porn before but not to the extent it is here. And Mormon Boyz is more than a site with guys who look like missionaries having sex with one another. The people behind Mormon Boyz have created a back story that’s like a long semi-realistic epic.

The taboo fetish of sexualizing pious and seemingly innocent religious men gets the full treatment at Mormon Boyz  by taking viewers behind closed doors and exposing what “really” goes on between these men and their various rituals.  Consider it a more serious, non satirical and non-musical version of that popular Broadway show Book of Mormon. Just as this production was a take-off while revealing truths so does Mormon Boyz . 

The Mormon Boyz blog and the ABOUT page combine fact and fantasy to create its own little world. As we said before it’s best not to try and figure out which is fact or fiction. It’s a little daunting to go through all the information and terminology…just suspend disbelief and go along for the ride.

Basically you’re following the stories of the fictionalized Missionaries (played by some familiar faces). These stories are presented as chapters, sometimes in an open-ended epic. The Missionaries all have bios and links to their scenes. There are Bishops (the older authority figures) and Elder (the younger missionaries). In this plot-driven site you follow the elders as they go through the rituals and ordinances on their way to becoming full-fledged missionaries in The Order.

In addition to the overall forbidden theme, there’s a definite fetish tone in many of the the videos and the various plots. Things do get kinky at times with rituals, wearing of masks, spanking, cum rituals, and more. But there’s also a striking, sensuality even in scenes where there are clear dominant/submissive overtones.  This has contributed to the site and its scenes having much more appeal than you might expect.

All the different kinds of videos get their own designations as you follow each of the missionaries on their respective journeys. There’s the Personal Study video(solo), Disciplinary Action and Inspection videos; Ordination videos and more. And, as you can tell by the titles the so-called elders are not always on their best behavior.

Tomorrow we take a look at some of the more recent highlights and some of the hot guys and familiar faces that are a big part of the draw here. And don’t forget this Mormon Boyz membership sale ends tomorrow

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